Golf Tourism: An Emerging Tourism Opportunity

Posted by Pradnya on April 5th, 2017

Whether for entertainment, primary motivation or secondary activity, golf attracts thousands of travellers every year. Considering this enthusiasm for a sport, many global organisations and tour operators have started arranging golf tours, which is not only boosting the sport but also creating opportunities for tourism in that particular place. Golf is not only a revenue generator sport, but also an opportunity creator for travel and hospitality services such as hotels, restaurants, cars and airlines. Various countries have also recognised that golf tourists tend to spend more than average tourists and are therefore investing a lot to reap the benefits of extra foreign revenue.

Golf Tourism: Benefits

Golf is more than just a game. One of the most important benefits of golf tourism is that it generates a hefty amount of revenue. Golf is assumed as a game of rich people. Naturally, golf lovers do not think twice while spending money on the game and on hospitality services pertaining to the game. In developing countries like India, golf tourism is proving a boon for revenue generation. It creates economic growth through hotels, restaurants and retail establishments. Apart from its economic benefits golf tourism can create new tourism destinations and can also help develop new infrastructure. It also creates good opportunity to increase community support for sport and sport events. Golf tourism also attracts high end visitors, especially repeaters and this increases community support for sports and sport events. It also improves the organisational, marketing and bidding capabilities of the community.

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Golf Tourism: Drivers and Restraints

Increasing per capita income globally is improving the economic status of people. Nature of jobs has already changed and people are getting an increased amount of leisure time available for activities such as golf tourism. Improvement in technology has led to more disposable time for many people, therefore increased amount of money and improvement in technology especially in western societies are motivating people to engage in golf. This particular factor is driving the global golf tourism sector. Further, with easy mode of transport like airlines, travellers are able to move to various locations to take part in golf events. They not only participate in the sport but also roam around the city where the golf sport is held, which creates robust development in the sector of golf tourism. The changing tendency of travellers is also responsible for the growth in golf tourism. Travellers who would previously have not considered golf as a sport option, are now seeking to participate independently at their own level. The only factor hampering the growth of golf tourism is its expensive nature. Golf is assumed as a sport of affluent people, and is not affordable to several people, which is the major constraint in the growth of the golf tourism sector.

Golf Tourism: Outlook

New venues in host location will create promising opportunities in the golf tourism sector in the future. Creating a resource pool of local event makers and golf ambassadors is likely to attract future golf events which will automatically grow the golf tourism sector in future. Direct involvement of central and local government in such events will create an opportunity for robust growth in golf tourism.

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Golf Tourism: Tour Operators

Haversham & Baker, Perry Golf, and SGH Golf are some of the golf tour operators across the globe.

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