Factors To Consider When Buying Cage Dryers For Grooming Dogs

Posted by Barry allen on April 5th, 2017

A dog dryer has become a necessity for pet owners these days. Whether you are an occasional groomer, a pet owner, or a professional groomer, you can buy these dryers quite easily from a number of websites that offer these products. While you may find the brands and names of dryers a bit confusing, focusing on functionality would help you avoid all the confusion and buy the right dryer for grooming your dog. And what makes it all the more difficult to purchase the right dryers are the claims that different brands make to affirm that their dryer is the absolute best on the market. In order to spot the difference, you need to at least have the knowledge of the basic characteristics of a good cage dryer for grooming dogs.

Metro CageMaster CM-3 Cage Dryer

Now, the first step towards buying the right dryer for you dog is to exactly decide on how you will be using it in the first place? Would you be using it occasionally for grooming your dog or would it be used regularly for all the dogs you look after on a regular basis?

Durability is amongst the most important factors to consider. Are the materials that the dryer is made of going to hold strong for a long period of time? Metallic-based dryers are not the best ones in this regard; they may rust over time. Look for a material that is going to hold up.

How are you going to store it? Well, as you would know, cage dryers for grooming dogs come in different sizes and shapes. So, choosing the right dryer according to the storage space you have could be a tough task. And believe us, there are some really big dryers available on the market today. If you have the space to house them, no problem. But, we would still suggest you to go for a compact model that can be stored and carried easily.

A very important aspect to look for in a cage dryer for dogs is its air flow. Though the flow of air should be high, it shouldn’t be too hot for your dog to take. Hot air can damage a dog’s coat or scalp. So, be very careful. The air thrown by a dryer should be powerful enough to eliminate all the water from a dog’s fur.

These are some of the important points you need to consider when buying a cage dryer for your dog.

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