How Safe is Performance Built Log Splitter?

Posted by chinalogsplitter on April 6th, 2017

Well, first of all, just remember that Performance Built Log Splitter is powered tools and, like all such items, should be treated with the utmost respect. However, they are perfectly safe to use when operated correctly and with appropriate care.

The wedge in a log splitter isn’t sharp; it is the pressure and the wedge shape that split the logs. Added to this, all of our splitters come with safety features. Two-handed operation is required to use any of our models, so both hands are on the control levers or switches and kept away from the splitting action.

Even so, we do recommend appropriate clothing and that you avoid wearing any loose hanging items. We would also suggest that you wear safety goggles and preferably work gloves to protect against splinters.

Electric and gas log splitters can take the hard work out of chopping logs for firewood or other purposes. But you may wonder if you actually need one. You might be asking yourself what’s wrong with using an axe?

Splitting logs by hand with an axe (or a sledge and wedge) is one of those tasks that’s supposed to build character. And there is some truth to that; reducing a big pile of logs to kindling with nothing more than an ax and the sweat of your brow is rewarding. For teenagers, it can teach a useful lesson about persistence and hard work.

But by the time you reach the age of thirty, you’ve probably developed as much character as your going to get Log Splitter. At this point, it makes more sense to look after your health.

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