Different separation process used in industries

Posted by Christian Silmaro on April 6th, 2017

Chemical separations and separation of various components are very useful for the industries. Especially the industries dealing with extraction and purification specific component finds separation a very helpful process. The process of chemical separation is highly used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and alcohol producing industry.

What is distillation column?

Distillation column is the highly use for a liquid-liquid separation process. A distillation column works because of the character of different volatility and the boiling point of different component. When a decided amount of heat is provided to a chemical mixture, the component with low boiling point evaporates and gets separated.

The vapour being channelised to a cooling chamber is being cooled down and collected as the pure component, separated from the mixture. A distillation column uses the same principal of distillation allowing the column to separate multi-component mixture at the same time.

What are inline reactors?

Inline reactors are an excellent tool used by many chemical industries. They are highly in used for minimise harmonics, to boot the system and to maintain the safety of the equipment. An inline reactor can be highly useful for the recovery of useful elements from the industrial wastes. In this kind of reactor, there is a horizontal drum rotating a controlled speed.

The drum contains leach solution. The drum contains reagents which are being mixed while the drum rotates. The leached slurry is being then washed away and separated from the pregnant solution. This way the industries uses inline reactors for recovery of gold and other useful compounds from waste materials.

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