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Posted by fujihd on April 6th, 2017

An elevator is an significant means of transporting passengers. In the early stages of designing a building, traffic and traffic analysis and modeling are required based on these data to select the type, quantity, capacity, speed, service system, and location of the elevator.


So it is easy to choose the type of elevator because it depends on the actual electricity consumption of the expected building. If you only want to move in the vertical load, then you will need a freight lift. If the goods need to move horizontally - you need a transport tool. Lifting patients need hospital elevators. If the expected residential building or hotel, buy passenger lift. If you want to save space, please choose no room elevator.

Do not forget to take care of people with disabilities, add a few options for normal elevators. You can also set up a special lift wheelchair for people with disabilities. If you are designing a parking lot, if it is multi-level, the number of parking spaces can be greatly increased and the car lift will be installed. Want more parking spaces? Then you need an automatic parking system.

The quality of the service building affected by the number of elevators installed depends on the type of building, the number of users in the building area, and the location of the restaurant. In the hotel, it is best to plan and repair the elevator, the number should be two-thirds of the total number of elevators. In residential buildings, if the floor more than 6 layers can be installed passenger lift.

Provided in the form of additional options, such as emergency power supplies. This device does not allow passengers to remain in the cab, and when the power is suddenly disconnected, it can be driven to the nearest floor without help. If you want your elevator to be quite silent, you can use a durable flat belt instead of the rope, you can also use the roller instead of nylon plug, which for the rail is "keep".

Each China Elevator should be equipped with scheduled communications. In the case of "stuck", the passenger presses the emergency button in the elevator, the elevator operator associated with the controller that generated the evacuation. The service room should also be provided and provided in the building to carry the lift dispatcher. Elevator Manufacturer

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