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Posted by jipu yarn on April 6th, 2017

Embroidery is the needle thread in the fabric embroidered on a variety of decorative patterns in general. Is to use the needle will be silk or other fibers, yarn with a certain pattern and color in the embroidery on the puncture, embroidered to form the pattern of decorative fabric. It is a needle and a line of people to design and production of any fabric in the presence of an art. Embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese folk arts and crafts, in China at least two or three thousand years of history.


Speaking of embroidery, it had to mention the legal person is embroidery line. After all, even if your embroidery technology and then high, there is no good embroidery line is also set off your level.

Today, the main introduction of rayon. Rayon is a kind of silk fiber, composed of cellulose, and cellulose is the main component of the plant organic compounds. It is because it is a cellulose fiber, so many of the performance with other fibers such as cotton and linen fiber performance is the same. The fibers are rounded.

Rayon is a kind of strength and wear resistance for the general to good medium heavy fiber, with hydrophilic properties, this fiber can be dry cleaning, in the case of good care can also be washed, will not produce static or pilling phenomenon, the price also Not expensive But it will lose 30% to 50% of the strength in the wet state, so in the washing, the need to be careful, dry, the strength can be restored, artificial silk elasticity and resilience is poor, but also significantly contaminated after washing , also easy to mold.

The ultimate use of rayon in the clothing, interior and industrial areas (such as: women's blouses, shirts, underwear, jackets, hanging fabrics, pharmaceuticals, nonwovens, hygiene products, etc.). Polyester Textured Yarn : http://www.jipusi-yarn.com/product/

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