Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

Posted by Ainsley Aiken on April 6th, 2017

What are sloths?

Sloths are mammals classified to two toed sloths and three toed sloths. They are named sloth because they seem to be so slow and lazy. They are usually slow and idle because of the metabolic adaptation in order to conserve energy. During emergency they have surprising speed and another very important trait of a sloth is its strong body and algae type fur.

NotableSloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary has number of sloths. This Sanctuary is very notable because this is a non-profit sanctuary of Costa Rica. Whoever steps into this wildlife den of Costa Rica gives a selfless treatment to the wild life with food, love, medicine as needed. There is rich variety of sloths in this sanctuary.

Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica is a saving and rehabilitating the lost and injured sloths which are almost about to be extinct. It is a famous tourist destination for many wildlife lovers and photographers.

In Costa Rica the Sloth Sanctuary mission is working on the injured, orphaned and abandoned sloths for over 25 years now. They are greatly concerned about the welfare of the sloths.

Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica named Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary gives proper care to the wounded and abandoned sloths. About 130 sloths are released to the wild life after the treatment. There are few sanctuaries who mistreats the animal. But Alturas and Aviarios takes proper and good care of the sloths by caring, rehabilitating and releasing the sloths back into the wild life.

The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica is located about 30 kilometers south of the port city of Limón in Penhurst, and is three to four hours' drive from the capital, San José.

The Cloth sanctuary of Costa Rica is located 30 km south of the port city of Penhurst and it is three to four hours drive from San Jose which is the capital city of San Jose.

There are two kinds of tour in the Sanctuary:

Butter cup Tour: This tour will introduce the tourist with the sloths of Costa Rica and will make everyone aware of these species. What they eat and what make them so unique. It will give an experience on the rainforest sloths through the tour along the shallow river.

Insider Tour: A bit expensive tour as it enriches the sloth fans with a deep knowledge about them by taking them into more details about how they live, what they eat and how are they treated when they are ill and where are they treated when they are ill. Each child should be accompanied by an adult.

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