Why Doctors Call it Critical to Wear The Best Post Surgical Compression Bra Afte

Posted by vendela gracia on April 6th, 2017

There are several surgical procedures that require the wearing of some sort of compression garment as one of the most important post-operative care measures. Liposuction, abdominoplasty, C-section and breast augmentation are some of the most common operations that require the patients to wear the compression garments. In case of implants that are used in procedures like breast augmentation, these garments become all the more necessary.

After the first 48 hours of getting breast implants, haemostesis needs to be taken care of at the surgical planes as well as the pockets where the implants have been put. That cannot happen without the help of proper compression garments. The best post surgical compression bra would take on the weight of the implants to prevent them from shifting or settling the wrong way. Not wearing the appropriate bra can lead to a lot of heaviness, discomfort, and even pain in the chest as the muscles in the area would not be used to carrying that much weight naturally.

When you buy plus size compression garments or the ones recommended by your surgeon, you actually ensure that the surgery does not fail. The appropriate support helps speed up healing and also reduces the discomfort that you would be feeling as a natural reaction to the procedure in the initial days. The compression bra would provide support and stability so that healing can happen with minimal scarring.

Designed to take special post-operative care, these garments are fitted with elastic properties. So, they stay as close to your skin as possible in a healthy way while reducing pain and inflammation. The best part about these garments is that they improve the blood circulation in the operated area, which is very important for the procedure to be a success finally. Apart from that, these garments reduce the chances of fluid retention in the tissues, drain out unwanted matter, and promote proper skin adhesion to the newly contoured areas. These garments are also useful for holding the dressing in place till the time prescribed by the surgeon.

Exposing the skin or any part of your body to drastic changes in the form of cosmetic or medical surgical procedures comes with many responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Otherwise, it gets difficult for those parts to return to their pre-operative health and state. If you are not careful enough, it may even lead to several complications.

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