A Guide to Choosing Nursing Covers

Posted by Aidee Baby on April 6th, 2017

Most mothers who choose to breast feed their tots in public prefer doing it without actually exhibiting the activity and being a bit more discreet when feeding. Especially for the first time mothers, it can really be a big deal, because one cannot simply breast feed their baby at home and be done with it. Unfortunately, there have to be times when someone gets caught outside the home with the baby and the baby needs to be fed. A nursing cover is just what they need at that point of time.

Nursing covers are basically a generous piece of fabric, designed in a way that it covers the front of a mother, while she breast feeds her baby, preventing a view of the baby to the people around them. Nursing covers come in various designs and styles. Essentially, there are two popular nursing cover patterns, canopy shaped and others, that can be worn like a normal top. 

1. Nursing Cover Canopies

A nursing cover canopy is a loose fitting piece of cloth, which can have adjoining straps that tie around your neck or can be simply thrown up at the time of feeding. These look like aprons that can be folded and carried around in your baby bag.

When buying canopy style nursing cover patterns, be sure it has straps to tighten it up to stop it from blowing all over the place on a windy day. Plus, a good nursing cover should come with a rigid neckline that facilitates a view of the baby while the mother holds it with both hands.

Canopies are usually cheaper that wearable nursing covers, but less efficient.

2. Wearable Nursing Covers

To be worn over or as a top, these covers form a part of the usual outfit. Wearable nursing cover patterns can also have further variations. It can be a flow-y top with sleeves and a built in feeding tent or it can be a broad infinity scarf that unfolds to cover up the baby at the time of feeding. These covers are really handy and can be deployed in any moment.

While most wearable nursing covers look pretty as loose tops, ensuring that they have a simple design and subtle colors can be helpful in avoiding unnecessary attention in the public when breastfeeding.

Functions of a Nursing Cover:

While the options are ample, there are a few functions that a nursing cover is supposed to serve. And whenever buying a nursing cover, one should consider these before they invest in one –

  • Adequately covers your exposed areas

A nursing cover should be designed in a way that covers not just the front, but also the sides, for complete discretion in public. In fact, wearable covers are normally made to cover even the back so as to conceal exposed areas.

  • Allows the baby to breathe

A nursing cover pattern with a tight neck is likely to completely cover the baby, leaving no place for air to circulate. This can be distressing for the baby, making it irritated and uneasy. Therefore, an ideal cover must be loose from the neck, so as to allow oxygen to pass in and also allow a view of the baby to the feeding mother.

  • Easy to clean and dry

Nursing covers will eventually get stained and collect dirt from the outdoors and it therefore, must be washed. So, making sure that the nursing cover is made of the right material and is easy to maintain, can save mothers a lot of hassle afterwards.

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