What to Choose ? Outsourcing or In-House Mobile App Development?

Posted by Kathy Johnson on April 6th, 2017

The present era world of the mobile world is advancing with more inventive and intricated apps rapidly and steadily for the benefits of users. Companies embracing mobile app development in their business plans are regularly coming up with innovative ideas to offer the excellent features to their users.

Mobile apps are used for several purposes like texting and calls, watching videos, listening to music, watching movies, reading books, news, social networking, games, booking restaurants, hotel rooms, cabs, buses and trains shopping, ordering food and many other helpful services. A million of mobile apps are available for the users for any purpose that they find will do. Increasingly everything in the present era revolves around mobiles.

From watching a marketing campaign to publishing a great article on a website, everything today is possible through a smartphone via a mobile application. Like every company in the current market scenario, for your growth and development, even you must have considered mobile app development. And must have come over the two dominant choices for mobile app development - outsource or in-house development.

The blog posts help you decide both rightly, with their advantages and disadvantages.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Outsourcing Mobile App Development is a smart step taken by delivering the project to an expert and able mobile app development company.

This approach appreciably saves a lot of time and capital and provides an outstanding quality of mobile app which deserves your investment. When you outsource the project of mobile app development, you can focus on other essential business operations.



  • The process start instantly and no time is wasted on business formalities
  • There are less chances of cost as mostly it is fixed cost development and delivery of the project.


  • You need to be dependent on other organization in order to prepare the core marketing operations
  • On outsourcing, the development services are offered at price taken on per hour.

In-House App Development

Companies considering an in-house way for mobile app development is for the reasons that it is much affordable, swifter, convenient, efficient and proficient. In this approach of mobile app development, the parent company manages and controls the development processes as per their preference.


  • Transparency in iOS and android app development operations
  • Complete authority over the project development process and the developer team.


  • The starting expenses are very high, particularly the infrastructure costs.
  • A risk of more added costs to come, if your in-house developers get caught in the mid-way of the process and external consultants have to be hired to look into it.

Wrap up

If you consider outsourcing the mobile app development project to any business, several factors are to be considered. Once you get the right development team, contribute your idea to them and let them build strategies for your project.

People plan things individually and may vision a different image of your project than what you have thought. Technical specifications and planning makes you ensured that you have the identical perception and there are no undesired surprises.

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