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Posted by Malot Gina on April 6th, 2017

Purchasing a home is not a decision you should make lightly, especially considering the fact that you will likely require a mortgage to fund this purchase. Fortunately you can streamline the process of buying a home with the help of an experienced 'Mortgage Broker Grimsby'. When you receive professional 'Mortgage Advice Grimsby' it will be a lot easier for you to familiarize yourself with the mortgage market, the available types of mortgages, terms and rates.

To begin with, the 'Mortgage Broker Grimsby' will introduce you into the mortgage world and help you learn the numbers, what influences them and whether they represent a good deal for you or not. Although you can shop for a mortgage loan with the help of mortgage calculators, it is best to hire a broker and let him help you with this. He will help you narrow down your options, he will compare payments between short and long contracts and inform you about your options.

Nonetheless, to get you the best mortgage deal your 'Mortgage Broker Grimsby' will need accurate information about your credit score, the loan amount, the down payment you can afford and your current financial situation. If you fail to provide that he will not be able to do his job. If you lie to your broker you will waste your time and his. It is needless to say that all home buyers want to get the best rates. The type of mortgage you qualify for depends on your credit score, employment history and your debt-to-income ratio. Lenders offer prime rate mortgage, subprime mortgage and Alt-A mortgage that is something in between.

If you benefit from 'Mortgage Advice Grimsby' you will be told that prime mortgages are the most difficult to obtain; borrowers with credit scores of 740 or higher with lower than average debt-to-income ratios can qualify for such a mortgage. Also, this type of mortgage requires a considerable down payment of 10% to 20% on the residence. Borrowers that are considered lower risk receive the lowest interest rates.

Moving on, subprime mortgages are a suitable option for those with lower credit rating and a credit score below 640. These have higher interest rates and they are available in different structures such as the adjustable rate mortgage. Last but not least there are Alt-A mortgages; lenders that offer them do not require much information to prove the income of the borrower, his assets or expenses. For such a loan you should have a credit score of at least 700. This type of loan is a suitable option for those with good incomes who cannot substantiate them. To summarize, 'Mortgage Advice Grimsby' comes in handy when it comes to making such an important decision as taking out a mortgage loan that will impact your finances for many years to come.

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