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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Young drivers have one hurdle in the world of car insurance they won?t be able to jump until they?re older ? that hurdle is called ?age.? Car insurance companies are known to give younger drivers higher premiums because younger drivers, as a whole, aren?t as experienced at driving as are older drivers. Young drivers are considered a risk to insure.

Nevertheless, young drivers, like all drivers, need car insurance in order to legally drive. Ideally, young drivers would like to obtain cheap car insurance. Perhaps the easiest way for a young driver to obtain cheap car insurance is to be added to, or remain on, his parents? car insurance policy.

Check out these tips about adding your young driver to your current car insurance policy:

? Your premiums might increase, but you may also get a discount for having multi-drivers on your policy.

? If your young driver has his own car, you may get another discount for having multi-vehicles on your policy.

? If your young driver has taken and successfully completed a driver education course, your current car insurance company will most likely offer a discount; if he hasn?t taken one, get him enrolled. They may also offer a ?good student? discount depending on his grades.

? Use this as a learning tool for young driver ? lesson: responsibility. Encourage your young driver to get a job to pay for his portion of the car insurance premium. If circumstances won?t allow him to work, make him a list of chores to do around the house to ?pay off? his part of the bill. Not only will he be learning the value of a dollar, but you?ll be getting some extra help, too!

Keeping your young driver on your car insurance policy will help him get cheap car insurance as well as learn responsibility. It will help you get discounts, as well as your car washed once a week ? for free!

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