Organic Banana Gelato- Enjoy Banana In A New Taste

Posted by Ainsleyaiken on April 7th, 2017

Organic banana powder is a natural and pure organic sweetener that is made from red bananas that are sun ripened. The powder tastes sweet and is rich in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B6 (36%), vitamin C (11), carotene, copper (10%), manganese (14%), and potassium (9%).  Other than these, bananas are rich in protein (1.3 grams), fat (0.4 grams) and fiber (3.1 grams).It is highly suitable for those adhering to vegan diet.  This powder can be used in various things like making your favorite shake or smoothie or juice. Also you can use it as to enhance the taste of desserts, dried fruits, cakes, ice cream and baby foods.

Make energizing ice cream or smoothie

Available also in the gelato pack, it is very effective in energizing, replenishing and hydrating your body with the much needed fluids and ions. It comes with non-GMO ingredients and is free from any sort of pesticides, artificial color and chemical fertilizers. Most essentially, as mentioned above it is purely vegan. While you can use it as an energy ice cream as per your needs, for making any of your favorite drinks or smoothie, you will have to use around 2 tablespoon full of the banana powder to water and stir well. Once done, place it in the freezer for 30 minutes and enjoy your share.

Health benefits of bananas

Here are some of the benefits that you enjoy having bananas.

1. Rich in nutrients that help in controlling blood sugar: Bananas are highly rich in pectin that provides the flesh its usual structural form as well as starch that helps in digestion. Both starch and pectin play an essential role in moderating the blood sugar levels post meals. They also cut down your appetite by slowing the rate by which your stomach gets empty.

2. Bananas help in weight loss- If you are keen getting rid of those extra bulges, then bananas are something that you should have in your diet. While they are rich in fiber and essential nutrients, they are low in terms of calories and this helps in lowering your appetite.

  1. Helps in curing heart ailments- Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium both of which help in getting rid of any heart related ailments.

4. Rich in antioxidants- being rich in antioxidants, bananas help in reducing any sort of damage to your body from those free radicals. This means intake of bananas reduce the risk of diseases.

5. Lower the risk of kidney disorders- Eating bananas at least 5 times in a week possesses the ability of reducing kidney diseases by around 50%.

Final say

Hence whether you are having organic banana gelato as an energy ice cream or making smoothies with the powder pack, you are going to enjoy all these benefits altogether. So get your pack and start with it.