How Important Are Properly Installed Airfield Lighting Systems

Posted by JamesPark493 on April 7th, 2017

Advanced electric systems illuminate our offices, homes and sports complexes and improve the visibility so that we can safely perform the required operations. But there are many areas where the importance of properly installed electrical systems is even higher such as airports. Airport lighting systems are of different types based on the space of installation such as runway lighting, taxiway lighting, glide slope indicators and so on.
The airfield lighting systems help the officials control various flight operations from loading to taking off of the planes. While utmost preciseness and accuracy have to be ensured, there is no alternative of advanced lighting systems that are best in quality and performance. In addition to the best utilization of technical tools, the safety of passengers also sits at top in the priority list. All the lighting tools and equipment must comply to the safety standards set by the airport authority. The important functions that depend on well-maintained airport and airport runway lighting are as following:

  • The pilot understands the signal and navigation better.
  • More efficient control and management of air traffic.
  • Safe loading and unloading of aircraft before and after flights. 

Airport lighting systems are divided in nature based on the purpose they serve. There is general airport lighting which includes airport beacon, tower lights, and checkpoints lights. These are rotating lights primarily with colors green and white. The colors might differ depending on the airport type such as military or civilian airport. Taxiway lights are installed to maintain required visibility at taxiways. These lights are also of different types such as edge lights, clearance bar lights, runway guard lights and so on. While center way lights are green in general, clearance bar lights are yellow.
Runway lights are one of the most important part of the airport lighting system. Runway end liner lights (REIL) are flashing lights that stand on either sides of runway end. They are visible from a distance to distinguish the runway lighting systems from taxiway. Apart from end lights, various types of lighting varying in colors and brightness are installed at different distances on runway namely centerline lighting system, touchdown zone lights, edge lighting and so on.
There are various private and public companies that promise to offer advanced and innovative lighting system. They specialize all aspects of airport lighting techniques. They are ready to work out challenging issues and provide optimal solutions.
Author’s Bio: The author is a web blogger. the above article is about types and importance of airfield lighting system.

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