Open Source Tools Used by Mobile App Development Company in India

Posted by Ashutosh Tiwari on April 7th, 2017

Mobile app development is a balance of processes and procedures that are involved while writing the software for wireless computing devices like smartphones and tablets. It is much alike to web application development. Although, there is one critical difference between the mobile and web app development is that the mobile applications are generally written in a specific order to support the unique features offered by the mobile device. Thus, mobile app Development Company in India develops the application on the particular device to ensure the optimized performance of the app on a given device. This means that the coding is written specifically for the processor of the particular device.

Open Source Tools for Mobile App Development:

BuildFire.js – BuildFire.js is a cross-platform library tool that is used to create custom programs within the platform. The tool offers unlimited customization with JavaScript that makes it the great tool to implement on the frameworks. Based on the current functionality of the BuildFire.js platform, it saves a lot of time and effort of the app developer by cutting down around 80% of the process for the application development by offering more than 45 open source plugins.

Ionic – The mobile applications developed with the ionic framework are based on the CSS programming language. It is a cross-platform tool which means that it can be operated on multiple operating systems. Ionic has an easy to use a framework that can be integrated with Angular.js to develop advanced applications. Furthermore, Ionic has a collection of mobile optimized CSS, HTML, and JS components, tools, and gestures that the mobile app development company in India uses to predefine the components.

Framework7 – Earlier, the tool was used only for the Apple’s operating system but currently, the tool is supported by the android devices as well. The Framework7 is used by the Mobile app development Company in India to make the app look like a clean iOS application on the Android as well. The framework7 comes with an easy to access benefit where the user just needs to have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The features of this tool include a custom DOM library, material design UI, page animation, XHR caching and preloading, and native scrolling.

JQuery Mobile – Approx. half of the mobile applications are developed by using the JQuery tool. It is the oldest app Dev tool that has wide features compared to most of the other tools used today. Although JQuery is a balance of well-known JavaScript features with CSS and HTML language, it advantages the developer to write the coding once and run them everywhere needed.

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