Safety of Funds is Ensured While Trading with Trade12

Posted by Trade12 on April 8th, 2017

Security is vital in any field, and trading is no exception. In fact, it could be said that security is even more important in trading than any other field…

There’s a reason for that. Trading is a game where all you really have is money, and some clicks. That’s it. Without properly securing your funds, you might as well seek another type of business.

Because of how easy it is to enter the field of trading, scams and robberies of trading capital tend to happen often. A lot of platforms will try to rob your money in many different ways. We’ll be discussing those below…

Fake Spreads, Fake Quotes.

Many platforms (that don’t survive long) like to play a game of spread control. What basically happens is that a platform will attempt to bankrupt a client as fast as possible through killer spreads and fake quotes.

It is basically robbery by lying. Let us for example assume that a client wants to buy into a market at price X. The platform will offer quotes much higher than that price for entry, effectively putting the trader at a disadvantage.

Of course, the entry prices are fake, where the broker banks in the difference by buying shares for clients cheaply.

You then have the exit prices, which are also lower than what is the actual market rate. Thus, the broker will sell the clients shares for a high price, giving the client the money back based on a low quote, and banking the difference.

Such platforms (which are predatory), don’t survive for long. They die out fast, especially since they gain a lot of mistrust in the process of operating. Additionally, they tend to get shutdown for infractions of mishandling client money.

Another Type of Robbery, Platform Account Shutdown.

Some platforms like to take the game a step further, completely shutting down the client’s accounts (due to specific errors).

Let’s say that a client deposits 00 into their trading account. Somewhere down the line, the account may (suffer from technical difficulties), getting shutdown in the process. Maybe even fake infractions of trading could be imposed on that account, without the trader being able to fight back.

Such trading platforms tend to offer horrible customer service. They’d have to, since they don’t want to give the money back anyways. A lot of the time, the customer service will simply stall and ignore, promising updates at specific dates, or even rerouting the client to another customer service division.

With Trade12, You’ll Never Suffer from Scam Problems.

It’s highly discouraging for a trader to lose their funds as a result of shady tactics. This is something that the Trade12 platforms absolutely respects. Safety of funds is ensured while trading with Trade12.

Trade12 is one of the oldest trading platforms on the internet. Its age testifies to its survivability. With 11 years of operating on the internet, there is no better security than that found with the Trade12 platform!

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