Know How Thermal Imaging Enhances Home Inspection Jobs

Posted by joseeliyo1232 on April 8th, 2017

Infrared imaging offers you an insight about the areas of your residential building which was previously hard to find using mechanical methods or manual inspections. Expert infrared inspectors can easily locate the minute but significant temperature differences at a place under scrutiny to find out its exact condition. The small difference in temperature is indicated on the infrared camera screen. The infrared cameras detect and its image indicates cold or hot areas. These little variations in temperature are indicators of some constructional or functional issues which are not visible from simple viewing. The infrared imaging technology simply enhances commercial home inspection and makes the overall process much faster and accurate.

The infrared thermal imaging inspection can easily demonstrate the information about the dwelling structure which can be viewed only by visual inspection techniques. Expert infrared inspectors can spot the issues with their hand flash lights.

Benefits of using thermal Imaging at your residence or building are listed below:

Insulation Issues:

Missing and inadequate insulation appears when inspecting walls and ceilings. This is due to temperature differences as a result of variable thermal energy within the structure.

Electrical Defects:

With the help of infrared thermography, infrared inspectors can easily detect issues in your electrical system. Improper connections between electrical appliances such as wiring connections which can produce resistance and that indicates higher temperature reading as compared to other electrical appliances.

Water Leakage:

While inspecting the interior walls of your house with the thermal imaging camera you can find moisture damage because of leakage in windows, plumbing and ceiling areas. The wet area becomes cool as water evaporates, so that’s where infrared thermal imaging camera indicates variation in color, and it becomes easy to spot moisture on the walls.

Leaking Roof:

Thermal imaging can find moisture and water leakage spots which have build up on the roof area. As water releases heat slowly as compared to roofing materials, therefore infrared camera will detect the heat due to color variations.

Structural Problems:

Damage to ceilings, walls, and floors will result in variation of thermal capacity and conductivity which can be detected with infrared thermal imaging camera easily.

So, if you are looking for infrared inspections, then US Infrared Inspections is highly recommended to you. This will help you to reveal all issues which are invisible to the eye. They aid you to identify hazardous safety related mechanical, electrical, and building problems before a major breakdown occurs.

About US Infrared Inspections:

US Infrared Inspections offers you the best routine thermal imaging inspections which will help them to find out all risky problems which not invisible to the eye. For more information, please visit

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