The Perfect Guide for First-Timers Walking into an Indick? Restaurace

Posted by Mark Sheldon on April 10th, 2017

Indian foods not only include a wide range of dishes not only from India but also from the neighbouring nations, mainly Pakistan and Bangladesh. This school of culinary uses a large variety of spices to prepare tasty dishes. If you are not well-accustomed to this category of foods, you should place your order carefully. Read on to know some tips regarding how to choose your dishes in an Indian restaurant, anywhere in the world.

Appetisers: In any restaurant that serves Indická restaurace Praha, typical appetisers include samosa. It is actually a deep-fried pastry served with chutney or the sauce. It is prepared from dough with pieces of meat, vegetables and of course spices inside. However, pakora is another popular appetiser, which is much similar to samosa but without any stuffing inside.

Drinks: Most Indian drinks are made with extra quantity of sugar, in contrast to their spice-rich dishes. Lassi is the most popular drink, which is a sugary shake made using yogurt. It not only tastes awesome but is also good for the health. It helps to beat the spicy foods and keeps the body cool.

Main course: Main course dishes across Indian restaurants anywhere in the world include both vegetarian and non vegetarian courses. However, there are also eateries that particularly serve vegetarian foods. As a first-timer to an Indian restaurant, one may be suggested to try out a curry, which is mostly made from vegetables and spices. Actually, a curry may also contain meat and such dishes are prepared to cater to the needs of non vegetarian folks. Main course dishes are mostly made from rice or wheat and have a different taste. To prepare these dishes usually ghee is used in large quantity other than any different cooking oil. Ghee or clarified butter is a dairy product and has a sweet aroma of its own.

Desserts: Desserts in India are mostly sweet dishes and are a very special category of items. These are mostly made from milk and have delicious taste. However, most eateries abroad, including those in Praha that serve Indická  Specialita  Restaurace, also serve custards and ice creams.

Indian restaurants are ideal for those, who love spicy food. The taste may range from mild hot to hot and so, it is a good idea to order anything spicier on the very first visit. Most people, who ignore this tip, finally end up with the vow, never to try that out ever again. It is also a good approach of sticking to milder dishes at the beginning then try out something that is real hot and spicy. However, spices and edible oil used in preparing Indian dishes play an important role in keeping the body healthy and fit. But, if you have tested these before and are undergoing particular medicines for certain health conditions, it is better to consult a doctor first. Actually, each of these cooking ingredients has certain medicinal values. Therefore, consulting your doctor will help to ensure that the prescribed medicines and spices do not negate each other.

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