5 Reasons Why Cable Sleeve Sheets Are Perfect For Boat Wire Maintenance

Posted by Brett Brendon on April 11th, 2017

Cable sleeve sleeves are the easiest solutions to protect boat cables from an array of damages caused by usage / environmental factors. These solutions are effective and cost effective at the same time.

Did you know that almost 55% of fires that break out on boats and recreational marine vessels are electrical in nature? This makes it imperative for the owners to ensure that their boat cables are perfectly shielded not only from usage hazards but from environmental damages as well. Cable sleeve sheets in this respect have emerged as one of the easiest and effortlessly effective means for offering optimum levels of protection to shore power cords and more.

Here are 5 top reasons as stated by a list of happy users as to why they prefer sleeve sheets over other options like marine shrink wraps etc…

• Very easy to use – As far as usage is concerned, all that needs to be done is unrolling and cutting the sleeve sheet to required length; sliding the cable into the sheet followed by sealing the ends with tie straps or tape. Unlike shrink wrapping, and thankfully so, users do not have to resort to using complicated equipments and devices while using sleeve sheets.

• Durable and lasting – Sleeve sheets for boat cables offered by quality manufacturers are very durable and long lasting and can often remain in use for months and sometimes, even years.

• Prevents all damages caused by environmental / external usage – Sleeve sheets for boat cables are usually designed to withstand salinity, moisture, heat and other associated environmental impacts that can compromise the health of boat wires over time. At any time, they offer optimum water proofing that is the first critical aspect of boat wire maintenance.

• Cost effective and easily available – Sleeve sheets are very cost effective and part of the credit goes to the manufacturers that use high quality production practices along with balanced usage of equipments and man power. Increased awareness about the product has given rise to steady demand generation at a global scale.

• Universality in applicability – This is yet another reason that has added to the popularity of sleeve sheets. These options are basically applicable not just for boat cables but for other parts like boat lines, travel lift straps, masts, fenders, outriggers, forklifts and many more. Basically, the ‘one product multiple use’ factor has worked wonderfully with a range of different boat owners, individual, recreational and commercial alike.

As has been expressed by present users of sheet sleeves, these options can be practical life savers especially when the boat is hauled, painted or shipped.

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