Religious jewelry and the ways it helps you to spread the News of Gospel

Posted by Amuletin on April 11th, 2017

What is religious jewelry?

Religious jewelry is not just any piece of jewelry but it carries special significance associated with religion. A lot of faith is attached to such a piece and thus people adorn their neck with ‘cross’ suggesting Jesus Christ. We cannot say that it is the piece of fashion jewelry but it has a lot to do with faith in Gospel and Christ. Spiritual mentors and pastors do tell us all the while to share the good news and messages of the gospel and indeed religious or Christian jewelry is the best way of doing so. In fact, in this world, where more and more people are signed and deviating from the path of Christ, there cannot be any other creative way of expressing our love for Christ than having these religious jewelry pieces. On the other hand, you can also adorn yourself with a protection charm to save from evil influences. Thus, we may say that jewelry is not just fashion accessories but they also carry the deeper significance.

Protection charm and their uses

Protection Charms on the bracelets are beautiful but they carry their roots in the magical setting. When the English speaking era commenced, the word ‘charm’ referred to incantation or spell that was chanted multiple times over some ritual to reap magical results. In most of the religions, we have talks regarding talisman and their power to heal or protect someone from dangers. Talisman has now evolved into charms that are worn in the bracelets to save one from the bad forces. So, if there is anyone who curses you, his curse will not affect you if you have a charm on your wrist.

The importance of wearing a cross

A cross is worn by women to communicate her faith in Christianity in a non-verbal manner. You may wear a cross in an environment where you find a lot of people. Since people do not like you to preach the gospel, you can wear a cross to show that you are a Christian. A cross necklace is something like making the statement about your religious faith.

The need for purity rings

A purity ring is also the kind of religious jewelry that is popular among the teenagers mostly. This also makes a fantastic gift for the teenager. Even if someone is the youth pastor trying to preach abstinence prior to marriage, purity ring helps in communicating faith in the religion and also creates the impact on others. If you are preaching abstinence before marriage during spring or summers, you can make the teenagers sign the pledge that they will practice abstinence. In return, the teenager may be given a purity ring.

Cross fish earrings to share the belief

Earrings are very much loved by the women folk. Cross fish earrings also make for a great gift if you are looking for religious jewelry gift.

So, it may be said that there can be different kinds of Christian jewelry pieces to share your faith in the religion. Christian bracelets and Christian earrings, rings, etc, can be worn to communicate your faith in Christ.

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