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Posted by jeenniwill on April 12th, 2017

Guacamole is an extremely popular Mexican avocado salad basically comprising of mashed avocado mixed with chopped onion, tomatoes and avocados. It is said that it was first made by the Aztecs, now it has become an important part of American cuisine as a dip, condiment, and salad ingredient. Guacamole is known to have various nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin K, vitamin E and various kinds of dietary fibers. At Garden Fresh, we pride ourselves in cooking the finest fresh guacamole. Eat fresh guacamole for a fine dose of nutty and richer taste. Not all guacamole are cooked equally, only the finest ones are made here in garden fresh.

Made with love- Corn tortillas

In Mexico, corn tortillas are made out as thin, unleavened bread made with the help of finely chosen ground maize. Corn tortillas are the basis of many traditional dishes such as tacos, tostadas, Sopa de tortilla, flautas etc. Warm corn tortillas are often served with soups, stews, grilled meats and many other dishes as bread is served in other types of cuisines. Tortillas made by garden fresh often find themselves in many soups, spicy Mexican foods; help give a crunchy taste to your boring salads. Our tortillas are best consumed with nachos. Fresh Guacamole and tasty corn tortillas of garden fresh go as if they are made for each other if consumed together.

The gift of Mexico- the Mexican Sweet Breads

Mexico is known for its diversity in its foods. They are loved and considered delicious in all parts of the globe. Mexican foods are incomplete with their sweets. There is a vast diversity in Mexican sweet bread like Abaco, Almohada, Corbatas, Ojo de buey, Paloma, Le Reja, Nevada etc. Some are created for special occasions like a national holiday King's Cake- Rosca de Reyes and bread of the dead, Pan de Muerto. The sweet bread of garden fresh is a result of constant experimentation and dedication which has made out sweet bread popular throughout Detroit. Do visit our bakery and see assortments of various kinds’ pf cakes, bread, pastries and our special Mexican sweetbread.

Garden fresh marketplace is your one stop shop for all your various nutrition needs, which includes a butcher shop, American and Hispanic groceries. We also have the ability to process over 3000 different bills, free money orders, cashing services and more. Garden fresh is a family-owned business, made with our beloved customer's love and trust. We are and shall always be grateful to our customers for helping us grow.

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