Understanding The Significance Of Clean Room Particle Monitoring Systems

Posted by Tom Eric on April 13th, 2017

In the recent years, there has been a growing increase in the ways regulatory authorities demand deeper details regarding the operations going on at institutions in fields like medicine, research and the like. That leads to a growing need to monitor and keep track of differential temperatures, the very environment and changes happening in it, particulate counts along with records of inventory and  changes happening in and around it, storage of blood plasma or pharmaceuticals, refrigerated warehousing and a lot more.

Quite obviously, maintaining such critical records and monitoring all of the said aspects cannot be accurately done in a manual way. So, the alternative lies in turning to smarter clean room particle monitoring systems or building environmental monitoring system that is based on wireless web technology.

These systems, when made to depend on a cloud-based protocol, do not require any on-site PC hardware or software for the customers or associates to manage or update manually. Naturally, the local costs and efforts put into formulating such reports get reduced or even removed to a major extent. Besides, there lies the most crucial part about accuracy which is most certainly higher when compared with time-taking manual systems.

It is important to understand another fact that web based systems usually comprise of more than one part. And the maintenance and updating of the records is only the second part. The first one is all about capturing the said information and that happens with the help of several types of equipment that are designed to measure things like:

  • The number of viable particles and microorganisms settling from a patch of air onto a specific surface area
  • Non-viable particles in an environment which means particles that do not contain living organisms but can aid their movement and even the very existence and their growth.
  • The quality of air within a certain enclosed space determined after sampling its invisible contents.

A major advantage of utilizing the available devices for the cleanroom monitoring purposes is to get advance warnings regarding potential threats to inventory compliance. That ultimately leads to the prevention of losses. The web interface that is connected to these devices is simple to use and can be mastered after just a little amount of practice.

Settled plates, air samplers, several types of sensors, wired monitoring stations, particle counters, alarm indicators etc are a few examples of technology that proves helpful in carrying out efficient cleanroom monitoring.

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