Rapid Energy Fuel: Caffeine Energy Gels

Posted by Dennis Charles on April 13th, 2017

If you are interested in getting rapid energy fuel, you need to look into Hammer Nutrition’s caffeine energy gels. The energy gels  caffeine will get you the proper amount of energy fuel quickly so you can get your workout done with the energy that you need.

How Caffeine Energy Gels Work

Energy gels are made to replenish carbohydrates that are stored in your body that are depleted when you workout.  The harder you work out, the greater the percentage of your fuel will come from carbohydrates.

Why Take Energy Gels

Energy gels are going to wake you up in a very noticeable way because of how your brain only runs on the glucose stored in your blood. As your muscles start to absorb more blood glucose, your brain is going to get less glucose and starts to get hazy. A gel is going to wake you up and help your mind feel energized. The gels will help to replenish the glycogen and calories you have burn when working out hard.

When to Take Gels

The timing of when you should take your caffeine energy gels is going to depend upon each person. Each athlete is going to absorb and processes carbohydrates at a different rates because it will depend upon how well each person’s stomach reacts to the gels they are taking. When working out hard, your body is going to divert blood away from your digestive track to help your body keep going even more. You should begin taking your gels when you first start working out or during the competition. There are some people that even like to take gels before they start their hard routine of working out.

How Often to Consume Gels

The speed at which you are able to digest energy gels will let you know how often you want to consume them. You need to be careful not to overload your stomach. Most times, you should wait close to one hour between gels before taking another one. You also want to make sure to wait one hour before taking another gel because you do not want to speed up too much simple sugar into your blood stream at one time. If you continue taking too many gels, you are going to get sick from consuming too much sugar.


If you have stomach problems, your stomach may shut down during the latter half of your endurance workout. If this happens to you,you should try eating only a small portion of the gel but in closer intervals. You will still consume the energy you need but your stomach will have a better chance to properly digest it without you getting sick. You should always take energy gels with water.


If you are looking for energy gels caffeine, you need to look into the Hammer Nutrition brand. The gels will give you that extra boost of energy to get you through your endurance workout. The gels come in a variety of different flavors and you will find one that you like.

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