Black Diamond Log Splitter Two Handed Activation

Posted by chinalogsplitter on April 14th, 2017

The Black Diamond Log Splitter's two handed activation design, which requires both hands to be up on the splitter and away from the rack and pinion and the log, offers an additional level of safety for the operator. Built with a safety handle akin to the activation lever, the Black Diamond Log Splitter Log Splitter will not deploy it's V-shaped ram without both levers engaged.

Recently, we've gotten a variety of interesting feedback on this design. Most wood cutters say they will always have one hand on the splitter, while the other hand never leaves the piece of wood they're splitting - so as to guide it safely to the wedge and eliminate any flying or rogue wood from coming back at them.

While this is a valid approach, the Black Diamond Log Splitter was designed to avoid that situation. Here's why. The Black Diamond Log Splitter's wedge is positioned at a 45 degree angle, unlike other splitters on the market. Because of that slight angle, you can set your piece of wood into it when you begin and remove your hand as the system engages without fearing that the wood will split upwards or sideways. The simple fact that a wood cutter can now remove their hand away from the engaged ram - and is in fact, required to have both hands out of the way - eliminates any pinches, cuts, or accidents near the wedge. Anytime you let go of the safety lever, the ram immediately retracts should you need to adjust anything.

Though they're both high priority, our splitters will always place safety before speed. The two-piece hands free activation system to keep your hands clear of the wood and ram. In addition, the Black Diamond Log Splitter's flywheels are not exposed to the user as they are on other kinetic splitters on the market.

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