Use the Jump Manual Program to Improve Your Jumping Power

Posted by Jacob Hiller on April 14th, 2017

Reading this article, you’re probably asking yourself “why would I ever try to improve my jump height?”

It doesn’t sound like a performance measurement many people aspire for. After all, not a lot of sports require jumping. As far as we can think, jumping is only an aspect of basketball and hurdle running. That’s about it.

With basketball, you need to be “genetically gifted” to play professionally. By that, we mean you’ve got to be tall. No basketball team is going to take a short man for play.

With hurdle running, not a lot of people approach that sport. It’s not as supported in school systems as other forms of athletics (such as football).

So why would you get the jump manual program in the first place?

Urban Athletics: It’s Not All about Professionalism.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to utilize the jump manual program. You could be a regular person, into simple street athletics.

An example of urban athletics would be parkour. It’s a popular urban athletic activity for individuals who prefer high speed activities alone. It’s something you can do without friends, a team, or a coach.

With parkour, you’re playing around the obstacle course of the city. There’s a lot of jumping involved, and most of it is done at high speed. This means that you need to maximize your jumping speed and height.

It’s also helpful if you’re into the dangerous type of parkour, which involves running on rooftops. There are a lot of accident videos of people falling to the floors when attempting to jump from roof to roof. The accidents can either be fatal, or they can be highly damaging.

Learning to jump long distances and improving your jumping timing for parkour can be done using the jump manual program.

A common urban athletic is also basketball. Here, there are no restrictions on body height to play. You can be short and play at a basketball field.

Of course, the drawbacks still exist if you’re short and into basketball. You need to maximize your jumping height for jump passes, and dunking. At times, a boost to your jump height can aid with accuracy when attempting to land a shot to the hoops.

Getting Back to Professional Sports Though…

You can be a coach and adopt the jump manual program for your team. Almost all sports involve some kind of lower limb activity, and that’s something the jump manual program can aid with.

Regardless of the sport played, adopting and handing out the jump manual program to your team can be helpful. You can even be a member at your own team, and suggest the program to your coach. See what he has to say about that.

It’s Beneficial to Adopt.

The jump manual program is one designed to maximize the flexibility and power of your lower limb. We recommend its use for athletes professionally. Even if you’re an amateur and into sports, you can use the jump manual program too!

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