Linux Vs, BSD ? a comparison

Posted by Avijit on August 21st, 2010

BSD is another open source operating system like Linux. There are several differences between Linux and BSD. BSD is a derivative of the main UNIX development. Still they use the
source of UNIX. After purchasing the source code of Unix from Bell Labs, university of California makes there own ? ?Berkeley Software Distribution? or BSD. The official development of the BSD UNIX started in the year 1990. BSD is a advanced and developed Unix  operating system. There are three continuous developing BSD operating systems are ?

FreeBSD, NetBSD and Open BSD. Even Mac OS X is a derivative of FreeBSD., also some other derivative of BSD available now such as ? PC-BSD, another FreeBSD based operating system.

What is Linux? Linux is a open source operating system primarily developed by Linus
Torvalds, a student of Helsinki University. He starts this project like a replacement of Minix operating system (A education purpose operating system developed by Prof. Andrew S. Tanenbaum).

Difference between Linux and BSD ?

-    BSD available with BSD license on the other hand Linux available with GNU / GPL license. BSD license do not permit you to ? modify and re-distribute the BSD operating system. Instead of BSD, Linux have a very flexible license type known as GNU/GPL. Under this license, you can edit, modify and re-distribute the Linux operating system.

-    The main difference of course in their kernel.

-    BSD have its own file system called FSS, on the other hand, Linux has numbers of file system like ? ext1, ext2, ext3 and many more?.

-    Linux generally uses, initialization startup scripts like UNIX System V ?run level scripts? but BSD do not use any such scripts.

-    Different Linux distribution has own software installation package like RPM, for example ? you can?t install a Debian software package into a Red hat or a Mandriva Linux. But in BSD there is no such classifications, you can download the application from and install it.

-    BSD has compressed kernel techniques that are why it will boot and reboot computer
faster than Linux.

-    Usually BSD software is developed very carefully and has less dependency, so that the user can compile and run the program effectively. But in some cases software and program compilation not effectively possible in Linux distributions, due to dependencies.

-    You can run Linux on top of the BSD operating system, but it is little bit harder to run BSD top of the Linux.

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