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Posted by Antonio Arola on April 14th, 2017

Italy has always been a superior vacation destination attracting visitors from Europe and the US, and now they are seeing a whole new wave of tourists like you flocking in from emerging countries such as from China, along with visitors from the Gulf nations, Russia, and Brazil. Livigno, Italy is ready to cater to all your needs. Small gestures can make or break your vacation, and these small gestures will help you feel right at home.

What to expect from a hotel in Livigno Italy?

Whether you’re from China or Brazil or the Gulf nations, our hotel in Livigno Italy understands your culture and will make your stay pleasant and memorable.

  1. The Number Four

We know that often the number four is considered bad luck in China, and we’ll make sure, if you wish to not assign you a room on the fourth floor, as well as not giving you a room with the number four in it.

  1. Tea Glorious Tea

We understand that as a Chinese guest you appreciate the finest teas around and our hotel in Livigno Italy is right there to provide you with a kettle in your room and some of the finest teas around to enjoy that special relaxing moment in the heart of the gorgeous Italian Alps.

  1. Peace and Quiet

Most hotels in Italy, and even Livigno are built so that a lot of noise can be heard, upsetting our guests. We have taken every care to provide as much privacy as possible and allow you to enjoy some peace and quiet.

  1. Space Abound

Our hotel in Livigno Italy has so many rooms available you’re sure to find the right sized room to meet your needs. We have small hotel room’s right through to large spacious and airy rooms available too, with glorious views of the town of Livigno and the mountains too. You won’t be cramped up in a tiny room barely able to breathe.

  1. Glorious Food

The restaurants cater to international needs, and you’re sure to find the perfect meal that you would find at home, or if you’re more daring, you can try some Italian delights or other dishes from around the world. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find it.

  1. Mats and Nuts

If you’re visiting us in Livigno from the Middle East, we will go out of our way to accommodate your needs. If you would like alcohol removed from your mini-bar we’ll do it, and we’ll also be happy to supply you with prayer mats. We also have walnuts and hazelnuts as superb snacks for you.

  1. Service Extraordinaire

Service extraordinaire is the name of our game and our concierges are on hand day and night to help you find whatever luxury or activity you’re after.

It’s the Brazilians who are the biggest renters of Ferraris. A Brazilian man who stayed in Milan wanted to pull up to La Scala Opera House in a horse-drawn carriage was able to pull it off, thanks to the concierge at the Principe di Savoia Hotel. 


At the Seven Stars Galleria Hotel (with its internal views of the octagon of the Vittorio Emanuele mall in Milan -- suites start at 500 euros/night) the most striking benefit is the butler for each suite: a personal secretary who not only makes sure that everything in your room is working but can get the limousine for you to go to the Bellagio or to get you tickets for one of Verdi’s operas.


“For the guests to feel at home, the hotels must be really prepared,” concludes Elisa Dal Bosco of the Seven Stars Galleria. For example "getting rid of the flowers if there is anyone who suffers from allergies, changing the top level of the suite into a fitness center, bringing a piano to their room, and these are just three recent cases."

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