Wall Sculptures: Give a Unique Insight into Wall Creations

Posted by CraftVatika on April 15th, 2017

Living spaces, regardless of the changes over the years in terms of design have remained unchanged over a few aspects. One such aspect is the wall décor. Most homes are adorned with fabulous works of art, like sculptures and wall hangings to decorate the walls. Walls are easily the first surfaces that are noticed by visitors. A single sculpture on a wall can transform the appearance of the wall, and give it a warm and elegant look. Here are a few compelling design ideas that help to change the appearance of walls dramatically.

Stunning makeovers with wooden hand painted masks

Tribal art form has a mysterious attraction. African wooden hand-painted masks can give an interesting twist to the walls. The simplicity of the design can be stunningly contrasting, creating a design that is highly appealing. African wooden hand-painted masks are vintage works of art, passed down through traditions. These highly creative works of art can elevate living spaces in a mysterious and exotic manner.

Hand-finished wooden artwork featuring analog clocks

As clocks adorn walls with a purpose, why not do it in style? Hand-finished wooden artwork that features analog clocks are in great demand. The desire of individuals to throwback to the past through vintage collections are a reason for the spurt in demand. Art form that is vintage has always received a special appreciation, occupying pride of place in homes. These wall-clocks can give walls a complete makeover.

Head busts of Buddha to give a touch of class

Busts of Buddha on the wall lend elegance and class to the walls. The simple yet serene look can captivate visitors and residents alike. The antique finish is a testimony to the skills of the craftsmanship of the artisans. Hugely popular in south east Asia, the Buddha bust can bring warmth to spaces with the traditional smile frozen on the vintage masterpiece. The silent companion to thoughts, Buddha busts can help individuals to be inspired to introspect, meditate and change outlook in lives.

Faux wall hunting trophies

From time immemorial man has been fascinated with wildlife. Hunting trophies have adorned the walls of residences of individuals who lived in a world where frequent run in with wild animals were not uncommon. Changed circumstances, and the need to respect wildlife have brought in a few changes. The concept, though unchanged, is modified to feature faux taxidermist wall hunting trophies. The fabulous replica will blow minds away with fine detailing and great finish.

Wall hangings can change stark walls to adorable and elegant surfaces. Match the color of the walls with a contrasting wall sculpture or a themed hanging. With a near endless option of traditional and religious objects to adorn walls, it is possible to lift the appearance in style. For the religiously inclined, opportunities to express beliefs further are available through numerous wall hangings of goddesses and inspired works of art. Traditional art form is best highlighted through wall hangings and sculptures that help to lend a visually appealing look to walls.

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