CNC Router Bits Give Smoother and Sharper Finishes to Your Cutting Processes

Posted by Jaystephens on April 15th, 2017

What is a CNC router? It is a computer controlled machine where the spindle or router is mounted. The machine can be in gantry style where the router spindle moves a fixed table or with a design where the bridge is fixed and the table moves under the spindle. Parts or models that are to be created are designed by the CAD/CAM software installed in the computer and tool path is then created to facilitate the cut of the part. The CNC machine has X-Y-Z axis and moves over along them and in general the CNC routers have a drive system propelled by three motors system that could be either Servo or Stepper. For additional speed and accuracy the contemporary CNC machines use a four motor system. CNC router bitsor cutting tools are essentially designed and made for using in these computer numerical controlled machines.

CNC router bitsare also used in robotic arms that are computer controlled where the head assembly holds the spindle part at the end of the arm. Primary different between the robotic arm and the CNC router is that the robotic arm can use 4 to 6-axis coordinates due to rotational abilities of the arm joints. The part to be routed is mounted on an immobile platform where it is fixed with clamps and the robotic arm guided by the CAD/CAM software program will follow the cutting and trimming process to give the end product fine finish. It is very important that the router bits are of finest quality to get a fine finish. Earlier the trimming part was manually done.

CNC router bits are used in several manufacturing process involving plastic, wood, metal, and the tool bits are also sued for diamond polishing, engraving, 3D carving, Braille engraving, etc. A CNC router is able to cut through fiberglass, tiles, PVC, non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass and aluminum adding variety to the various products. International quality router bits enable engineering companies to undertake a huge range of cutting and carving assignments from clients as they are durable and qualitative. Using inferior quality tool bits is likely to end in breakage or the bit losing its cutting edge rather quickly. A bit supplier can importantly educate you in the latest techniques adapted for various processes.

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