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Want to know about surrogacy or want to become parents through surrogacy?

Posted by JosephMillerr on April 15th, 2017

Mysurrogatemom.com is an online community where you can find surrogate mother, find egg donor and intended parents. This online surrogacy community helps people across USA and Canada with surrogacy. In this website, you can find egg donor and surrogate mothers. If you are an intended parent, this is the right place for you find surrogate or egg donor. Sometimes surrogacy can be a challenging process so first of all you have to make a decision whether surrogacy is right for you or not.

To have a successful surrogacy journey, perhaps you want to work with a surrogacy agency but you can also do this independently. After that, the most important step of the process is to find the intended parents if you are a surrogate mother or find surrogate mother if you are the intended parents. The surrogacy journey can be summarized in 9 key steps and you can take a look at this process on mysurrogatemom.com website. These 9 steps guide gives you a clear guidance about the whole process.

There are only a few countries in which surrogacy is legal like USA and Canada. If you decide to pursue your surrogacy path in one of these two countries you should know that if the baby is born in the United States of America or Canada, he/she will automatically be an US or Canada citizen.

Surrogacy is becoming a common process in the States and Canada for couples or single parents who want to become parents via surrogacy. If you don’t live in Canada or the States, don’t worry about it! Because surrogacy is allowed for international intended parents in these two countries.

A pregnancy can have a lot of complications that’s why it is very important to make sure you (intended parents and surrogate mother) take all the precautions necessary.  If you want to be a surrogate mother you must go through different tests and screenings so you should be mentally prepared for that and consider all issues prior to the surrogacy process.

Visit mysurrogatemom.com if you have any question about surrogacy and meet thousands of people interested in surrogacy. Becoming parents or helping someone to become true their parenthood dream is an amazing feeling however as intended parents you should educate yourself about the process because it is very important that you will be able to support your surrogate mother along the process.

Whether you are a surrogate, an egg donor or an intended parent, before deciding that surrogacy is a good option for your, learn everything about the process, make up your mind, consult a family lawyer and/or surrogacy specialist and take advice from your family/friends. Then you can meet potential IPs, surrogate mothers and egg donors on the website, talk to them, ask them anything you want and if you find the connection you are looking for, only then, go ahead!

Once you are all done you will feel very happy to have helped someone becoming a parent, giving them an incredible life lasting experience: the parenthood!!!

If you want any other information please visit our official website… How to Be a Surrogate Mother

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