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Posted by marryvoges on April 18th, 2017

Any fast-paced game that allows you to enjoy your time while doing a complete body exercise is a winner. And if that game can be played indoors then nothing like it, as you can play it all year round. One such indoor game is table tennis. This game was first invented in the Victorian England as a leisure sport to be played after dinner but has evolved dramatically and is now played in more than 220 countries worldwide.

The reasons behind the popularity of this game are many; like small space to play, few types of equipment and simple rules. The accessories that are needed for this game are not very expensive and can be bought from any professional table tennis shop. The main equipment of this game is the hard table top on which this game is played. It is 274 cm in length, 152.5 cm in width and 76 cm in height. At the center of the table, there is a 15.25 cm high net that divides the table into two courts. This fast-paced game needs good hand-eye coordination and can be played by two or four players simultaneously. Besides the table, other important accessories of this wonderful game include a light ping pong ball and table tennis bats. The light ping pong ball is made up of cellulose plastic and is generally white in color (but off late colored balls are also used in this game). The overall mass and diameter of this ball should be 2.7 gm and 40 mm respectively.

To play this game you will need a table tennis racquet (bat). These are made up of laminated wood with a rubber covering on one or both sides of the bat. Although the table tennis racquet comes with a rubber top, you can also buy table tennis rubber separately for specific purposes like giving more spin to the ball or smash it effectively towards your opponent. You can paste these rubber sheets on the top of your table tennis racquet and get ready to play this wonderful game. This is a very vigorous game with quick hand and feet movements. For this, you will need special table tennis shoes which are not only light to wear but also provide a good grip to prevent skidding. You can buy all these accessories from any reputed sports store or you can browse them online and order them to be delivered to your home.

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