Effects of Smoking Before and After Nose Reshaping

Posted by soniya mishra on April 18th, 2017

Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure nowadays. Several patients choose this surgery for aesthetic reasons and there are a lot of people who choose this procedure for breathing problems, birth defects, certain diseases etc. Reasons for choosing this procedure may be different but the instructions provided by the surgeons before and after the surgery are the same.

Before or after the surgery, the instructions may be of many types like medications, diet, medical history etc. Sometimes, the instructions may be about leaving the smoking and drinking. According to most of the surgeons, drinking and smoking affect the healing process. Therefore, leaving smoking is a common instruction given by the doctor before or after the surgery.

Before The Surgery

Smoking is harmful to any type of surgery. However, if the surgery is performed in an emergency, nothing can be done but most of the doctors are sure that various complications may take place while a smoker is under treatment. Secondly, smoking is known for disturb the healing process after any surgery and makes it is difficult to fight with infection. Blood circulation is also disturbed due to smoking. Thus, it is better that the patients leave smoking several weeks ago before the surgery.

AfterThe Surgery

Cigarettes contain nicotine that may choke all of your blood vessels which means a decreased blood supply in the body. Disturbed blood supply is responsible for a delayed healing process. Additionally, smokers always have the high possibility of catching infections while they are trying to recover. Wise surgeons suggest the patients that they must leave this habit for several months after the surgery.

This is the best choice if you leave forever

It is the best if you can leave forever. Smoking is a bad habit that makes the body polluted and makes your breathing system sick and weak. Smoker’s body is prone to diseases and getting infections more than non-smokers. Why are you choosing nose job? Certainly, you are doing this for looking better? Then, you must think that an unhealthy body cannot be looked impressive. Therefore, it is better for your health and your overall life if you leave smoking forever.

Drinking and smoking are considered as bad habits for the health of the body and when it comes to undergoing a surgery, it is more important to think about the lifestyle, diet etc. You cannot afford a delayed healing process just because of a bad habit. Therefore, following the doctor’s instruction is good for your health and you must follow it.

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