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Where can you find Ancient Wyverns?All different kinds of Wyvern discovered in Fossil Island would require level 66 Slayer to kill. They would only be assigned to players who have runescape gold 2007 completed the Bone Voyage quest.In Fossil Island, you will find all different kinds of Wyvern here. In order to kill them, you need a level 66 slayer and complete the Bone Voyage quest.

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What can you get from Ancient Wyvern?

When you find the Ancient Wyverns in Fossil Island, you will get a lot of special drops. Now, the details of this drops will be given as below:

Granite Boots

Granite Boots is one of the new and special drops from the Wyverns in Fossil Island. Level 50 Defence is required and Strength should be equiped. What's more, it will offer strength bonus and defensive stats superior to Rune Boots.

Granite Longsword

From Granite Longsword, it required level 50 Attack and Strength to equip and it would sit as the best slash weapon for players with level 50 to 60 attack.

Ancient Wyvern Shield

The Ancient Wyvern Shield is a strong, defensive and offensive shield for Magic. It provides defensive stats similar to those of a charged Dragonfire Shield and requires level 75 Defence and level 70 Magic to equip.

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