DNA Testing To Help Resolve Disputes

Posted by Paula Jefferies on April 19th, 2017

DNA testing services are of great help for people, organizations or institutions that may need a positive or negative identification on a person for any reason. It may to settle a legal battle or to establish the biological relation of a person in case of some family dispute. In fact, thousands of DNA tests are conducted by states for settlement of child support and paternity concerns. Advances in the testing services have actually opened more ways to understand the paternal lineage and relations. Private DNA testing services are being used to determine zygosity, relationship between siblings, grandparent relationship and also one’s ancestral origin.

In order to perform the test, samples are requires from parties. For instance, if it is about paternity testing, sample has to be collected from both the alleged child and father. The test can provide accurate results, providing clear evidence that who is the biological father of the child. Blood samples are usually collected for the test. But, as collecting blood from children can be traumatic, buccal swab can be used for the analysis. In order to collect the swab, an appropriate tool is massaged in the child’s mouth and cheek cells are gathered.

Past few years have experienced huge advancements in the field of DNA testing. Private services have flourished and now help people by providing them a support in court cases. In fact, there are now at-home paternity testing kits available for convenient sample collection and analysis. However, the court doesn’t consider these results. The lab analysis has also become easier with mobile services. There are service providers who can collect samples from their clients’ desired locations — home or office — and get the sample checked in the lab. Results are out within a week or so and the clients get the answer they were intending to. The process has become hassle-free, overall.

DNA testing helps in a number of cases:

Inheritance issue

There may be the case where the deceased might have left a will behind, but it’s often important to know if the relationships exist. Using the DNA test results, the legacy payable to the kin can be finalized.

Alimony liability

In family cases, there are instances when an obligation of aliment to children exists. This could give rise to allegations of parentage, which can be easily resolved with a DNA result.

Criminal identification

The analysis results also help in justice and policing matters. Analysis of hair and traces of bloods can help determine if the accused was present at the crime scene. This could be of great help to the victim.

There are service providers offering DNA analysis and drug testing facilities to resolve court cases, family disputes and others.

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