Telerehabilitation Market Forecast By End-use Industry 2017-2027

Posted by Hussain on April 19th, 2017

Technological advancements in the use of Information, Communication & Technology has moved ahead the rehabilitation services over the telecommunication network or the internet. This uses the technology to deliver real time rehabilitation services to the clients at their homes. Telerehabilitation service provides benefit to those living far away from the actual rehabilitation centers. It also reduces the frequent visits to hospitals and rehabilitation centers as physicians can follow-up with the clients after discharge. It also reduces the transportation cost and saves the time for both patient and physician. Various healthcare organizations and hospitals are starting this type of services for growing their business. It permits the individuals to have control on the supervision of their medical requirements and interventions by facilitating personalized care, choice and personal control. With the help of this technology, a large number of assessment and treatment alternatives can be provided to the clients using remote monitoring technology, robotic and virtual reality systems, with synchronized collaboration of online material.

Telerehabilitation also offer a potential benefit of collaborating the family members and friends for the effective rehabilitation treatment. Thus, overall improving the healthcare benefit for the patient. With the integration of telehealth measures, the healthcare costs will also be reduced. The rapid progress of technology provided an opportunity for health professionals to adapt to these changes and deliver healthcare in a new and remote fashion way.

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Telerehabilitation Market: Drivers & Restraints

The change in the global demographics towards an increasing aging population brought about an increase in the chronic health conditions.TelerehabilitationTreatment market is likely to proliferate in the future as per existing trends for the adaption of these types of services by patients as well as by healthcare professionals. Integration of virtual technology is another advancement in the healthcare sector which allow users to interact with computer generated environments in real time. Vast range in the number of mobile applications, interactive tools and podcasts fuels the market. Initiatives by various non-governmental and non-profit organizations in this direction also increase the sector. Cost of the process, Lack of skilled people and poor quality of communication in many developing and underdeveloped regions of the world still provides hindrance for the growth of these radical approaches. Thereby, improving the adaptive technologies in these regions would boost the telerehabilitation market. Lack of insurance facilities for telerehabilitation market in most parts of the world still curbs the growth.

Telerehabilitation Market: Overview

There has been increase in integration of telecommunication tools in the clinical practice of rehabilitation. Rise in the adoption of home care settings by patients or reduction in the hospital visits are expected to propel the growth. The future market is related with the development and use of new, pioneering technologies that will modify the current practice and make telerehabilitation an integral part of healthcare. With the ever increasing applications, this sector has a growing demand in the future. Companies and mergers in this sector is also increasing and thus fueling the market. Increase in the m Health facilities operating the market. Increase in cloud computing technology also an advantage for this market. Educating the healthcare professionals about the use of technology and awareness in the patients will improve the market. Willingness to adapt the approaches would be required for the successful integration of telerehabilitation into the profession. New models in this direction will improve the services.

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Telerehabilitation Market: Region-wise Outlook

North America and European regions have the established market with large number of key players in their market. This is because of the favorable healthcare facilities, availability of reimbursement in these services and technological awareness among people. Middle East and Africa has a huge demand of these kind of services because of large patient pool and unavailability of healthcare services in various parts. Japan is showing an increasing trend in the use of telerehabilitation services because of the rise in geriatric population. In Asia-Pacific, Australia has a market base for these services. Developing countries like India and China shows strong investment opportunities in this sector because of the emerging economies, improving healthcare facilities and low doctor patient ratio.

Telerehabilitation Market: Key Players

Some of the key players involved in the telehealth and telerehabilitation service sector includes C3O telemedicine, Philips Healthcare, Care Innovations LLC., Bosch Healthcare, Cisco, Medvivo Group, TeleVital, Cloud Physio, Neorehab, Jintronix and many others. These companies provide various types of management, consultation and technology.

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