Importance of imparting life skills in children

Posted by cambridge court on April 19th, 2017

Any skill that is useful in your life can be considered a life skill. Life skills are acquired by an individual directly from different experiences of life. Development of this skill helps the individual in coping well with the various problems of life. Development of life skills includes developing all sorts of problem-solving skills, and creative thinking ability, along with the awakening towards personal and social responsibility which helps the individual in becoming responsible citizens. If you are a resident of Jaipur, you do not have to be worried about the life skills education of your child because there are a lot of schools in Jaipur which help in the development of proper life skills.

Different types of life skills are discussed in details below:

Critical thinking skills/Decision-making skills        

*Decision-making skills: This skill helps in making the right choice and determining alternative and constructive solutions for problems.

*Critical thinking skill: This skill provides an ability to analyze information and experiences in an objective manner.

*Problem-solving skill: Provides with an ability to identify the problems correctly along with understanding its sources and causes very constructively.

Interpersonal/Communication skills        

*Effective communication: This skill includes active listening, ability to express feelings and giving appropriate feedback.

*Negotiation skill: This skill helps the child to learn the way of negotiation, without getting aggressive and conveying thoughts ethically.

*Empathy: Helps in developing a positive outlook towards others and feeling of cooperation.

Coping and self-management skills        

*Coping with stress/stress management: This skill helps in staying calm and taking less stress in & dealing with it patiently.

*Coping with emotions: This skill helps in recognizing the emotions well and also helps to respond to these emotions appropriately.
Development of life skills is immensely important for an individual. Given below is a list of reasons that contribute to the importance of life skills in the life of an individual:

*Proper development of life skills helps an individual in becoming active in the community.

* It helps an individual in behaving as responsible citizens of their country. It also helps them in becoming aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of India.

*Life skills development helps an individual in becoming politically and socially aware

*It also helps them in being concerned about the welfare and safety of others

*Proper life skill development helps an individual in articulating his opinions about the society

*It also helps the individual in having a positive impact on the society that they live in.

So, it is very important that a child learns to develop life skills at a very early stage. It is very important that the school in which he/she studies helps in the proper life skill development. Researchers prove that emotional intelligence has a greater impact on the life of an individual as compared to intelligence quotient. It is important to start the development of life skills at a very early stage. Focusing on the life skill development of a child, will help him/her in developing problem-solving skills and will also improve the decision-making ability. So it is very important that you put your child into one of the best schools in Jaipur so that his/her life skills are properly developed and the child is able to do well in his professional and personal life.

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