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Importance of Home Loan EMI Calculator.

Posted by anuragmishra on April 19th, 2017

Emi stands for the equated monthly installment. It is the specified amount you need to pay to the bank or the non-banking financial institutions on a specified date of every month.  The EMI of any loan is a function of three key components the principal loan amount, the interest rate at which loan is availed, the tenure at which the loan is availed.

Though the EMI of the loan is constant is throughout the tenure of the repayment period there different between the interest rate and the principal amount which is paid as EMI. The interest rates play an important role in the initial stages of the EMI. As the name Home Loan EMI Calculator India suggests, they help you in computing the amount you’re supposed to pay to the lending institutions every month.  They help you understand the regular EMIs on the loan that is sanctioned for you.  This online tool is simple to use and is directly related to the inputs.  To get the right results one must make valid input also keep the required information handy.

Here are the parameters that are required to use the Home Loan EMI Calculator India:

Principal loan amount:

Input the amount of the loan which is sanctioned to you. Remember any mistakes while the input can result into difference in the results.

Tenure of repayment:

Make a correct input of tenure of the loan pin the duration properly on the associate slider.

Interest rate:

This value must be entered properly in the designated field. Interest rate is the key component for calculating the equated monthly installment. The entered number is marked with a percentage value and thus the user isn’t required to enter the % value in front of it.

Processing fees:

This is a nominal value which is assigned in the percentage terms. It is the processing fee which is applicable on the amount of the loan which is sanctioned.  While computing the EMI  using Home Loan EMI Calculator India if you are not aware of the percentage of the processing fee kindly contact the customer care executive to avoid errors in computing the monthly installment for repayment.


Usually the home loan customers prefer to make pre-payment of the loan amount.  This is given importance on EMI calculator.  Because if there is pre payments made you will have to pay the remaining amount.

Why is it necessary to use this home loan EMI calculator?

You obviously save time using the Home Loan EMI Calculator India and also reduce the chances of creating errors in the calculations. Earlier you had to sit with the financial expert and calculate the EMI; also there were chances of human errors in the calculations.  The massive calculations of computing the EMI are cracked in seconds. It is as easy as using normal calculator. You can experiment using the Home Loan EMI Calculator India use various combinations to test for free. This tool is absolutely free and hence the person can avail for this tool by just visiting the website of the lending institution.  The EMI calculator gives you an insight into the future EMIs you need to pay so that you can plan your monthly expenses accordingly.

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