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Posted by stuart on April 19th, 2017

Previous Tuesday we did a job interview with Neus Barcelona, what did the girl find the most attractive of a man? And she replied:

First be polite, courteous, intelligent, have humor and personality; Muscles do not tell myself anything!

He confesses that when he has an appointment with a customer, just looking into his eyes knows correctly what he's and what this individual desires

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He gave us an obvious message for the men "respect the woman, care for the hair, go scented and above all be attentive to the young lady in-front, so the face will be much more pleasant"

That does not bother him, he prefers the customer to describe what he wants without taboos, so most of us have a good time, Neus lets us know

He explains to us an experience that this individual remembers with laughter "I remember a relationship My spouse and i had with a customer, just entering the area of that hotel was a cross of looks very complicit and since then we had an enjoyable experience in concert, a lot of gender and many new experience. Dinner, drinks and have an enjoyable experience! He was a great customer.

The intellect and the ability to be in a client is the icing on the cake for an wonderful encounter!

Daily different types of escorts are declared on the Internet and is usually that the demand by their fans grows more and more.

It is necessary to gather a type of requirements to be a luxury escort, not anyone can exercise this, be graceful, sophisticated, discreet and have a medium-high culture, and of course know how to please a guy inside and out.

A dinner, some good wine beverage, a weekend trip where you feel comfortable conversing with her about any subject matter. The best company, discussion and sex go with each other.

The person likes to share what they want with naturalness whether it be fantasies, fetishes....

"My clients tell me what exactly they want to perform at all times with reassurance, they know that there are no taboos since I actually is here to please them" this comments Claudia of Madrid in an interview made by they of elegancymodels. You think the same, right?

BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, Kingston upon Hull

‪‪Tesco, Vision Express

‪‪Adam Lambert, Queen

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