Unique and Unlimited Design Possibilities of Polyimide Tapes

Posted by Grace Xiao on April 19th, 2017

Extreme versatility is the key property of polyimide. In its 5th decade of existence the use of polyimide tapes and films has permeated every sector from spaceships to smart phones. There are no barriers and the design possibilities suggest that more is yet to come. What is witnessed is just the tip of the iceberg.

Essential features of Polyimide’s versatility

•    Polyimide can withstand wide fluctuation in temperature ranging from plus 26 degrees to minus 260 degree Centigrade.
•    Kapton or polyimide possesses excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability when working in the harshest of conditions.
•    This property of extraordinary thermal performance makes polyimide critical in micro electronic circuitry.

Polyimide innovation via bonding with other materials

It can be coated and laminated and die cut. For instance it is coated with Teflon for use in electronic circuitry of medical imaging systems. Polyimide filled as a core material along with other materials increases thermal conductivity or resistivity as well as electrical conductivity. These properties add Corona resistance, laser receptivity and printability. The last property in conjunction with formability and color pigmentation adds innovative properties. Several adhesives are available for bonding with polyimide which allows this material to bond with paper, plastics and metals. This bonding allows insulation applications in a variety of electrical and electronic sectors.

Such versatility of properties in polyimide has enabled this fantastic material of the 21st Century to spearhead innovations in the transportation industry and used in trains, automobiles, trucks and air crafts including space applications.

Polyimide is lightweight and thin which allows using it in areas and situations where such properties are required meaning in all applications of mobility devices which at the moment is driving communications. Polyimide also guards against many materials such as chemicals. Along with this property and excellent thermal resistivity it is used as personal protection material for fire fighters. It has the highest flammability rating. It protects sensitive electronic components in the toughest environments. The sun shields for the New Horizon NASA spacecraft exploring the Kuiper Belt and planet Pluto (the planet classification of Pluto has been discontinued).

China’s leap into polyimide production

Although DuPont and the United States of America pioneered the discovery and use of polyimide or Kapton (as is popularly known) China has emerged as a leading polyimide tape supplier in the world. This has been made possible due to the pioneering efforts of TianJin Tianyuan Electronic Co., Ltd which has been researching and developing polyimide from 1970 onwards. Their core competency is research and transfer of knowledge to others in China. Polyimide film tape suppliers from China have used economies of scale production systems which keep the price of polyimide competitive. TianJin Tianyuan is an ISO 9001 certified organization. This certification is proof that diligence in core competency along with sound management practices are the key elements in driving innovative uses of polyimide.

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