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Posted by Cargo Logistics Network on April 19th, 2017

Although viewed by many as a place to store items, warehouses play an indispensable role in logistics operations, especially when the supply chain in question is of vast proportions. Companies looking to distribute and transport finished products usually depend on these solutions to safely store goods, manage market fluctuations and demand volatility, reduce labor and transportation costs and enhance the overall operational efficiency of a supply chain. Professionally managed warehouses in Charlotte offer a localized asset to clients where they can carry out storage, consolidation, packing, re-packing as well as loading/unloading of goods without having to incur the capital expense of acquiring and maintaining their own storage space. The availability of warehouses in Charlotte, therefore, allows for secure storage of all kinds of materials through the use of various safety features and processes. Let us examine a few of them.

# Standardized processes

Professional logistics companies in Charlotte follow the best practices in the storage industry and employ efficient management systems to ensure that the warehousing solutions offered by them to clients are robust, reliable and versatile enough to cater to all kinds of goods. From getting goods insured to catering to last minute requests from clients to even emergency response systems – every variable is accounted for.Standardprocedures are accordingly formulated and deployed to guarantee smooth operations.

# Specialist equipment and staff

Warehousing is a heavy-duty industry that depends on the use of specialist storage and indoor transportation equipment like forklifts and conveyor machines. They also employ a team of expert handlers that are especially trained to manage storage processes and operate the machinery used for storing, placing, protecting and moving packages. The staffs are also well trained to handle emergency response procedures that need to be followed to prevent losses from escalating in case of a mishap.

# Round-the-clock monitoring

Modern warehousing calls for technologically advanced monitoring and security systems to ensure that the client’s goods inside are never subjected to tampering, pilferage or large scale theft. Digital monitoring systems are used to keep an eye on every corner of the storage space, 24*7. Central alarm systems and biometric access technology is used to secure the space against unauthorized entry. All these factors ensure that the materials stored in warehouses are adequately shielded against the acts of thieves, robbers, vandals and miscreants.

# Disaster management

The biggest threat to the sanctity of a warehouse is the devastation caused by nature. Whether it be an insect infestation or animal attack, an accidental fire or the effects of a flood in the area – professional warehousing companies stay prepared for all eventualities. They use effective countermeasures to reduce damage to stored goods and, deploy emergency evacuation procedures when things go out of control. All in all, effective disaster management systems allow logistic companies to offer highly secure storage solutions.

The professional warehousing solutions offered by logistics companies involve a variety of processes and technologies to ensure that the stored goods of clients remain safe. You can trust them to keep your valuable goods secure for subsequent uses.


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