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Posted by Mark on April 19th, 2017

Florida is among a few states in the United States of America that does not mandate vehicle inspections. In most states a sticker on the windshield is proof that your vehicle is safe enough to drive. Vehicle inspection is now the job of law enforcement along with other duties. The highway patrol cannot pull over everybody. They look for tell-tale signatures that indicate something is amiss. Smoke belching from the exhaust is one reason an officer would pull a vehicle over. Expired temporary tags are another giveaway. Reflective window tint and burnt out lights are more reasons for an officer of the law to pull someone over. Generally the cops are sympathetic and let them go after a warning.

Trucks have replaced horses in America

The Automotive Service Association has witnessed increase in emission system failures and bald tires. A few years earlier such faults would be noticed in annual inspections. Heavy transport vehicles do undergo State inspections. Even if such tests are not mandated you can be sure that truck owners and fleet managers keep their vehicle maintenance as a top priority. Trucks and big rigs are equivalent to the horses of the West when the white men arrived in the land almost discovered by Columbus. It is in the DNA to keep their steeds in this case the trucks and rigs looking pristine. The easiest method of attracting attention is the wheels. Polished aluminium wheels are attractive and safe.

Although appearances are important the modern trucker also realizes that dust and corrosion can hide damage such as cracks near bolt holes that can endanger the safety of the vehicle. Vehicle Inspection Systems have been in the truck maintenance business for over 20 years. They understand the pride a trucker bestows on wheels and have developed VIS-Polish automatic wheel polishing system that has revolutionized the process of polishing wheels.

The VIS-Polish system

This equipment finds pride of place in a fleet’s workshop as well as service facilities on highways. The completely automatic system delivers high performance to the art of polishing and allows the trucker to understand at a glance whether the wheel is in pristine condition. The system ability for polishing aluminum rims is taken to the next level with advanced technology and sensors capable of removing corrosion pitting marks and sanding only those areas (called sectional sanding). In the fleet’s work shops aluminum rims are lined up overnight and the machine goes to work. There is no requirement of any additional workforce to handle the machine. The morning shift will immediately mount the tires and fit the wheels to the trucks that are waiting to be on the road.

About Author: Mark Keegans is an automobile engineer work with Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc., has years of work experience of cleaning Aluminum Wheels Repairing process and here providing good guideline on automatic Aluminum Wheel rims, polishing, restoration, refinishing for all among the reader here.

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