How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Automotive Repair Shops

Posted by harryjason on April 19th, 2017

You may end up being overcharged, or your car might drive back home in a bad situation more that it was when you took it for service. You want to avoid such scenarios, but it’s only possible if you know how to avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous service shops and mechanics.

Don’t be threatened

Mechanics and service outlets are always a common source of complaints from motorists who have borne the brunt of dishonest repair entities. When you take your car for repairs blindly, not only do you risk getting overcharged but you may end up getting sub-par quality when they repairs are through. It’s advisable that you watch out for threatening or alarming statements they might make about the condition of your car. Some of it is meant to scare you into consenting for costly repairs that don’t make sense. If you notice that they are pressuring you to go for repairs with such an explanation, don’t go for it.

Shop around for repairs

 Just like the process of shopping for any other service, you need to do a comparative search on service shops. Don’t go for the one you find first. When you seek the second opinion, you are likely to find a better shop that offers realistic market rates without ripping you off. Remember, some service outfits are out to build a solid reputation, and they will offer you excellent service to keep you coming back. Also, you can choose to read repair service reviews and testimonials. Comments from other car owners who were in your situation will guide you on who to pick.

Go with your instincts

To avoid getting duped, your instincts should guide your decision making. The first impressions you get about a service workshop are usually right. If you find that the mechanics in there are ever lazing around or if you notice that the shop is rundown, you are likely to end up getting shoddy service delivery. The best workshops are always clean, and their staff will be busy trying to meet customer deadlines.

Know your service procedure

 You probably have a clear understanding of your car's manual and the best service interval. Always keep an eye out such that you know what is needed you need to verify the repair and service details on the invoice just to be sure you have not been overcharged after Chandler auto care and maintenance routines are complete.

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