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Posted by chinalogsplitter on April 20th, 2017

My Performance Built Log Splitter has been a valuable prep item for me and has split many cords of wood (large diameter wood) without any problem at all.

The ability to ‘make heat’ during the winter without electricity could make the difference between misery and comfort, or even life and death, or at a minimum, damage to your home from freezing/bursting pipes.

Many of us have a fireplace or wood stove in our home, however they are mostly not used for our main source of winter heat.

These days of course, home heating is accomplished typically by either an oil burner, natural gas, or electricity.

What if the power goes out?

An oil burner needs electricity to ignite and to power the pumps or blowers to circulate the heat. Electric heat (baseboard units), well, need electricity to function at all. Natural Gas heaters, if of the simple variety – like a wall unit, do not need electricity to function if they have a pilot flame – although many ‘significant’ gas heaters do require electricity to circulate the heat.

What is the most basic method of making heat without electricity? Fire. Having a wood stove is a great backup for home heat.

Assuming that you have one, the next thing is procuring the wood! Here’s the thing… you can buy wood already cut and split to your required dimension, or you can save some money and do it yourself. The thing is, after the wood is cut to length, who wants to split it by hand (axe-wedge-etc.) to manageable pieces? Not me… I’ll do it the easy way with a log splitter.

Several years ago I researched log-splitters and was looking for something that wasn’t extremely expensive – knowing that I’m not doing this as a business, but just for my own use for home. I was willing to settle upon a gasoline-powered splitter, but they were all pretty expensive. While looking at electric log-splitters I settled upon one, which was highly reviewed. I must say that since I’ve bought it and used it for a few years, I’m still thrilled with it’s performance, its compact size, and quiet operation.

Yes, I know, this one requires electricity to function. The idea is to split your wood ‘before’ the power goes out! Or, if you have solar power, you’re all set…

Anyway, I just wanted to put out a recommendation for any of you who may be in the market for a good, but not terribly expensive log splitter for your personal use at home.

This is the Log Splitter that I have. Read the reviews yourself and shop around if you’re interested. Consider the good old fashioned method of wood heat for your winter heating backup, should things go ‘bad’…

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