For a high-profile escort, the question What do I wear? It can not exist.

Posted by stuart on April 20th, 2017

A luxury escort should be prepared with a well stocked wardrobe for all sorts of occasions, customer requests and times of the day.

It is important to keep in mind that the escort should always be elegant, discreet, feminine and natural. Christian Louboutin shoes and with the super-worked hair and the face made up with excess rather Semblante To a painting, that is not an escort, that is simply a vulgarity.

An escort should very well distinguish her personal wardrobe from her professional wardrobe. If you like platforms, extravagant clothing, bold, sexy, etc ... dedicate it to your personal life, moments that go out with your friends, but never to work.

For More details:

Showing your personal style may displease your client, who remembers your generation and what you want is a person with class and go unnoticed.

The client who expects from an escort an elegant woman, neat, discreet, subtle, natural and above all that does not stain your shirt or face with all the makeup and leave no trace of perfume.

Returning to analyze the wardrobe of a high-class escort ... below we detail the list of clothes that should not be missing:

  • White shirt with a large collar
  • Silk or satin blouse in neutral and smooth colors
  • Blue jeans
  • Vapor and elegant top
  • Elegant black dress, neither too tight nor too short
  • A long camel coat
  • A long black coat
  • Short and long summer vaporous dress
  • Flat shoes, like ballet dancers to go unnoticed
  • Strapless 10cm black shoes without platforms

Black and beige sandals of 10 centimeters without platforms

A black tube skirt up by the knees

One black medium handbag and one beige

Scarves or handkerchiefs discreet but that serves to identify you among the crowd

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