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Posted by stuart on April 20th, 2017

Although it may surprise the title of this article, it is as true and clear as life itself, there is only one point and it is the price. Like everything in life, a car, a university career, a job, a collector's item, a building, etc. everything has a price.. How many times have we heard and said ... "If you give me X I throw myself in the pool" or "If I give you X you make X joke". As clear and plain as that, it is simply a matter of price. Who has not seen the movie "an indecent proposition"? Honestly, I do not know any woman who refused to spend a night in exchange for $ 1 million. That's exactly it. It is about putting on the table a price that satisfies both parties. There are women, like men, who for a certain price would. We talk about 1 million dollars as we can talk about 500 € to dedicate 1 hour of your life to a person who only seeks a momentary physical exchange. The price is put each according to your needs, interests or self-esteem. Although like everything in life, there is competition and if you want to close the deal you have to "be in the market". A simple negotiation until reaching the "deal point". As simple and clear as this. An exchange of interests. There is no need to look further.

Undoubtedly, it is a world that society has in the trunk of taboo locked. As in many other subjects, the education received has not prepared us to speak and assume this reality that has existed since the beginning of time and that with hypocrisy is admitted by everyone.

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Is escort simply the woman who receives an economic gift for her time in intimacy? Or is it escort who marries a person for money or gifts? And the one who has relationships to gain a professional benefit as a promotion? That is the choice of each one of us.

At heart, we are all free to do what we want with our lives and more with our bodies, as it says "the freedom of one ends where the others begin."

Let us not forget the social good of this sector .... How many marriages do not break because the man decides to search out of the house what he does not have at home or no longer satisfies him? For a marriage it is much better to have a relationship without ties, contact, obligations, sentimental implications, which begins and ends at a certain moment; Not a relationship parallel to marriage, which always always ends badly on one side or the other.

It is simply an exchange, as in the past the trick. One desires one thing and the other another. Simply, nothing more. Purely physical.

Then ... After this ... we can ask .... What a difference a escort of a prostitute ... very easy: socio-cultural level, elegance, discretion, confidentiality, class, ... It is also true that as in everything, there are always escorts that should rather be prostitutes and in Some case in reverse.

The escorts are beautiful women, educated, educated, languages, ... those women who could be a college, work, neighbors upstairs ... who simply seek an extra for their personal or professional goals and above All discretion and confidentiality is essential to her.

At Elite by Julia Vega, we have been offering our clients the most select selection of international escorts for more than two decades. From university students to professional models internationally, always looking only for the best for our customers. In the same way, for our escorts, we also carefully select the clients. Everything is not worth, not everything has a price. Dignity, education, etc. They are essential. Just as customers choose us, we choose our customers. Confidentiality is a must in our agency. There are no names, there are no numbers, there is simply the meeting time between the parties, and nothing more. It stays there, and then, as if nothing had happened.

In Elite by Julia Vega we make a careful selection of our models, not only physically, but at the personal level of treatment, education, neatness, etc. And later, we also take into account the implication.For Elite by Julia Vega, the implication that is expected of our escorts is what is commonly called "Girldfriend Experience", that is, as if the escort was the girlfriend of the client. We expect sweetness, affection, sympathy, understanding, closeness, passion, etc. All that sometimes, after many years married is lost as it is natural and most of times irremediable.

So, the purpose of Elite by Julia Vega is to put in contact two people who can attract and with common and complementary objectives, always guaranteeing confidentiality and seeking the satisfaction of both parties.

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