Copper Re-pipe In Long Beach - Clean Water, Excellent Water Pressure, And Long-l

Posted by lukesmarini on April 20th, 2017

If you have leaky water pipes or low water pressure it may be time to have those old pipes looked at. You need a good working plumbing system in your home and like anything else, plumbing can wear out over time. Pipes can become corroded, resulting in lower water pressure. It can also affect hot water within the plumbing system. When pipes rust inside that rust can be carried through the pipes and come out the taps. Using copper or PEX re-piping slashes down the chances of corrosion in pipes. The process of re-piping a home is replacing all the old piping with new copper or PEX piping. Out of the two, copper and PEX, you can pick any as both are great in serving the functions, but still, most people opt for copper re-pipe.


Copper re-pipe in Long Beach and other places is a common plumbing procedure for old homes and buildings that require plumbing repair or renovation. Before the introduction of copper as a standard plumbing material, most homes and buildings used to have iron pipes with the zinc coating to prevent it against rust. However, zinc coating is not the ideal solution against rusting and with prolonged use, the pipes typically begin to corrode and metal erosion takes place. This causes leakage and other plumbing problems in old constructions. For this reason, many homes are opting for copper re-piping in order to get rid of the persistent issues of water leakage and bursting of old pipes.


There are many benefits to re-piping your house with copper, with some of them being lower installation costs, increased water pressure, and less maintenance. Copper is very malleable and can be easily soldered or brazed, and can be made to fit nearly any configuration, unlike iron or lead pipes. If you are adding a laundry room or remodeling your bathroom, copper pipes can provide a finished look that doesn’t need to be painted or covered up if the layout doesn’t allow for it. With how extensive copper re-piping can be, it may be wise to leave it to the professionals. Simply look out for a team that can carry this out efficiently, with attention to every detail.


Copper pipes produce clean water, excellent water pressure, and long-lasting service to your home. If you are experiencing plumbing issues in your home or own an older property that has never been re-piped, replacing old pipes with copper is an excellent choice.


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