Food consumption and oral hygiene

Posted by Divya Raut on April 20th, 2017

Adequate nutrition is important not only for maintaining your health but also for healthy teeth. Ongoing research by dentists suggest that the anti-oxidants and other nutrients found in fruits, vegetable , legumes will strengthen the immunity of your body. But also helps in the protection of teeth and gums by fighting the bacteria and the inflammation. Some foods and dietary habits can even far reaching effects on the mouth’s ability of destroying the bacteria attacks which can cause cavity. 

Dentists in malad say that food patterns and eating choices play an important role in preventing tooth decay and gum diseases. When bacteria comes in contact with your mouth acid is produced which attacks the tooth enamel and can eventually lead to tooth decay. If flossing and brushing is not done on a regular basis the plaque gets deposited over the teeth. Which can damage the teeth and gums severely? Dentists say that nutrition poor diet cans also faster the progress of periodontal diseases and tooth decaying.

Dentists in malad have recommended certain foods that you can inculcate in your diet:

•Foods like milk and dairy products are rich in vitamins D which are goof for bones; promote healthy teeth and gums which reduce the risk of losing teeth. The calcium is needed to protect teeth and the jawbones.

•Cheese is rich in calcium that blends with plaque and gets deposited on the teeth which protects the teeth from the acids which is the major reason for tooth decay.

•Fibrous vegetables like apples, carrots, help in cleaning the plaque which is deposited on the teeth and freshen breathe.

•Vitamin C , anti-oxidants, and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables will help you protect your gums and other tissues against cell damage as well as bacterial infection.

•Dentists in malad suggest that folic acid will help you in promoting healthy mouth and support  cell growth in the body. Vitamin b is found in green leafy vegetables and yeast.

•Cranberries can also the hamper the growth of bacteria in your mouth before they start damaging with the plaque.

Dentists in malad say that cavity causing germs feed on the sugars in the food like soda, chocolate, milk the germs are broken down into acid, which attack the enamel of the teeth causing decaying of tooth. The acidic foods and drinks can wear enamel which will make your teeth sensitive, cracked and discolored. Not only food you eat and avoid when and how you eat them is equally important. They say that foods that take long time to chew are left behind in your mouth which can cause dental carries as they retain sugar in your mouth. Do not snack on sugary food, carbohydrate rich food or foods that have high acids during the meal times so that your teeth do not stay in contact with your teeth. Saliva helps you to digest meals which washes the food and neutralizes the harmful acids before the attack the teeth severely. Hence, it is advisable to visit dentists and get a proper diet for a healthy mouth.

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