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Posted by John Smith on April 20th, 2017

Epaulettes are ornamental wear that are attached by the shoulder using a strap normally attached at the shoulder and is placed along the shoulder seam and the button near the shoulder collar. Epaulettes are now finding increased use as mounted ornamental wear among pilots, deckhands, medical officers, stewards, catering staffs just to mentions a few. Often, they are used to distinguish between ranks in certain professions. An epaulette require be designing tactfully and matching with colors that corresponds to the theme of the event. It therefore requires skilled art and creativity only available with hand embroiders who have acquired it from working in the field for many years. We assure you first class epaulettes whereby we begin by inquiring from the desired design, colors, materials and the nature of buttons that will compliment its looks. We also have plenty of ready epaulettes designed for high class ceremonies by civilians presenting a rugged formality as well as in field for military and other professions.

A sash belt on the other hand is usually made from a colorful ribbon or a band material which is to be worn around the body to compliment other wear designed to fit a dressing code of a particular event. Usually, it is to be used in wedding garments which mostly uses ribbons from fine fabric with luster for those who need to make understatement in their wedding. Sash belts however are not the main attention grabbing wear at their own but are carefully designed so that they can bring it out better, the other clothing’s. Depending on this use, at hand embroidery, there are experienced staff who can offer with consultative information and advice whether to use sashes with extra adornments to depict the theme of simplicity or  more still use sash belts with embellishments to jazz your

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