What New Home Owners Need To Know About Term Life Insurance

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Buying term life insurance for your family is a great gift that you can offer them by allowing them to continue to live in your beautiful new home, even if you should happen to pass away unexpectedly before the mortgage is paid off.

Buying a home for your family can be an extremely tedious, stressful and lengthy process. Your emotions will run the full spectrum from fear and anxiety to total elation, and you will probably find yourself wondering if it?s the right decision, or if you really can afford it. You?ll probably sit in anticipation, waiting for problems, cancellations, but then escrow will finally close and you find yourself relieved beyond words because you finally are the proud owner of your own home. In these joyous moments, it is difficult to think about the potential of a tragedy, but thinking about term life insurance is an unfortunate but necessary part of every family's financial planning plan.

Term Life Insurance is the Best Protection

Term life insurance policies are straight forward in nature. You buy a specific face value of insurance with a certain time period of coverage. There are several factors that contribute to the face value of your term life insurance quote. The traditional rule of thumb for purchasing term life insurance is usually to aim for between five and ten times whatever your annual salary is, but your debt and yearly expenses should also come into play. Length of time that your term life insurance rate is set for will also differ. This is typically based on the age of your children, and how much income you anticipate to have once they are grown and self-sufficient. Take both the loan amount and the time frame into consideration when choosing a term life insurance policy if you want to best protect your family should you pass away unexpectedly before they can take care of themselves. Check out http://www.equote.com/li/life-insurance.html for more information about term life insurance.

When it comes to buying term life insurance for new homeowners, the most important consideration is whether or not your life insurance payout will be enough to pay off your mortgage as well as to support your family until they can support themselves. Even if your spouse decides to take on the monthly mortgage payments for tax purposes, will the insurance benefit offered to him or her be enough to sustain them completely for the rest of the time on the home loan?

3 Key Term Life Insurance Tips

1) All term life insurance policies are developed to be the most cost effective but you should still shop around because there are deals out there.

2) Shop around and obtain as many term life insurance quotes as you can to ensure that you are getting the best price and the best coverage to protect your family in the event of your death. You may find the exact same coverage in several different carriers, but may be cheaper in some states and much more expensive in others. A great place to start searching for term life insurance quotes is at http://www.equote.com/li/term-life-insurance-quote.html.

3) Make sure you are getting the right kind of term life insurance. Because there are three different forms and each is a little different and offers a different level of benefits at different monthly rates.

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