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Posted by Tony Burton on April 20th, 2017

As a known fact, every government levies and collects tax from its eligible citizens to run the affairs of the country. In US, it is the responsibility of IRS or Internal Revenue Service to collect state and income taxes from the working residents and business houses. If the eligible taxpayers are not able to deposit taxes for the current financial year, the IRS sends them letters, notices and other kinds of summons to remind them of their tax liability. Also, these taxes add up in the next financial year with penalty and all of them are to be paid in full. In case, some taxpayers are continuously avoiding the payment of taxes, the IRS can issue levy orders directing their paying authority to withhold a certain amount of pay till the time taxes are cleared. And the IRS can also seize the property of the tax defaulters if extreme limits are reached.

As mentioned earlier, IRS sends letters, notices and other summons to the tax defaulters before taking any such drastic steps. One such letter is known as IRS Notice Of Deficiency or IRS NOD in short that gives the defaulters 90 days time to either pay the taxes or dispute their tax assessment. For this reason, IRS NOD is also called 90 day letter. If there is no response from the tax evader’s side within this period, IRS will initiate other steps. So, it is very important to file a proper response within the stipulated time otherwise it can lead to further trouble for the tax defaulter. And the response should be correctly documented so that IRS authorities are satisfied with the reply.

All the taxpayers are required to file income tax returns for a particular financial year. Sometimes, IRS is not satisfied with the tax returns that people file in a year and performs audits to verify them. Also, in many cases, the incomes of particular taxpayers are not changing by much every year. In such scenarios, IRS also conducts audits to authenticate their actual tax liabilities and whether they file their tax returns on time or not. IRS conducts three types of audits known as correspondence audit, office audit and field audit.

If you need IRS NOD help or IRS audit help, you should get in touch with an agency that can provide you everything to handle different IRS issues. You can explore the web and find these companies to know more about different kinds of IRS letters.

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